Thursday, June 20, 2019

Social work and human services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Social work and human services - Essay ExampleCritical reflection is where aid is paid to not altogether one aspect but one looks at the whole picture of feeling, thinking, acting and believing. In reflection, one looks at only one aspect and focuses on it fully such as the perspective of the knowledge. This leads to an in depth analysis of the area of focus and shapes this knowledge.Reflexive on the some other hand is the whole process of researching the area of reflection and influencing it. During the reflexive research, questions ab bulge out the knowledge are raised, examination of the consequences understood and this is almost similar to looking and perceptiveness the whole picture as is the case with critical reflection (McMahon, 2002). In all the three aspects of reflection, the important thing to remember is to be objective when carrying out the processes.I learnt a whole lot more about values in this lecture that they are not only about the standards of behaviour which I have always known but they involve the beliefs that people may be holding valuable and they can be changed. The perfect character which I got a chance to learn is about the Australians and their values, how intrinsic there are to their own culture and needs and hence making them different from the values of for example the Americans (Dalton, et al, 1996).When dealing with values, it is important to understand how they relate to positive changes, how they influence the quality of services, the environment, the choice an individual should make their privacy or even their diversity with others. entirely these core values are tied up with the ethical practice and make the individual hold better choices. It is important to always ensure friendly justice, upholding of professional integrity as well as respecting other people in addition to upholding the other code of ethics in place (Garton, 1994). instruction about ethics has made me realize that ethics is not simply about the ethic al theories alone but is tied down with the values mentioned

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