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Applying Leadership Styles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Applying Leadership Styles - Essay Exampleiated by the leadership of orchard apple tree involve Tim Cook as the new Chief Executive Officer (chief operating officer) and also inspiring employees to work with progressive ideas along with rewarding the employees for penury. Additionally, previous CEO and charismatic leader of Apple, Steve Jobs shared the vision of launching jail cell phone in the market besides the computers and motivated the employees to follow his vision (Docstoc, 2012).Generally, there are iii styles of leadership namely transactional, transformational and situational leadership styles. Transactional leadership style can be defined as a style of a leader with which he/she promotes acquiescence of the employees with rewards and punishes according to their performances along with focusing on either operation and activity of the organization. In other words, transactional leadership style is also known as managerial leadership style (Dibley, 2009). With due consi deration to this aspect, it can be stated that a leader sideline this style might desire to promote innovation in the organizational operational processes by cellular inclusion of promotions and rewards to obtain best out of the employees.Similarly, it is observed that Apples leaders considered this style into its operational process. Apples management led by Steve Jobs prudently considered the inclusion of Tim Cook as the new CEO to lead Apple to further growth and prosperity (Docstoc, 2012).Transformational leadership style can be class as the quality of a leader who changes the state of mind according to the organizational requirements through actuate and implementing various mechanisms, further which also helps the employees to enhance their performances. The roles performed under this style include idealized influence, inspirational motivation and intellectual stimulation. Moreover, idealized influence can be stated as the manager who is identified to be the best in his/her abilities to guide and to respond to the employees requirements.

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Inside job Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

wrong job - Movie Review ExampleThe movie arouses emotions of hatred towards those with monetary causality and annoyance towards restrictive agencies. The activities portrayed are too inhuman to bear and even come to terms with, which people with such wicked ambition do exist, and little can be done to bring their mindset to a halt. This is including the lack of a conscious, which seems to be the perfect definition of a capitalist nation, and one in which power is given to a chosen few to control the fate of the countrys economics. The worst leave-taking in the entire movie is the lack of measures to regulate the pecuniary industry, and especially the replacement of business executives. This is concerning the egoistic ambition with no regard, whatsoever, for human welfare, early(a) than propulsion of their business enterprises into greater heights. This is particularly so with the inconsiderate decision made in misleading investors, in internet stocks, to continue investing heavily period then returns, in the future, were not something worth considering (Scots 2). It is also frustrating to watch, in the movie, the lack of accountability subsequently the bubble burst in the face of the world. The mail is made worse by the presence of Charles Morris and Lawrence Summers in the movies. They are the most annoying characters in the footage owing to their carefree attitudes in a dire situation that requires seriousness to put the audience at ease. Charles Morris finds it amusing that bankers adjudge taken advantage of the windfall sequential from selfish decisions and misfortunes of members of the public. He is also annoying in his attempt to induce humor in the bum mindset of the individual bankers at making large fortunes and thinking it is because they are smart, which is the opposite. This is because his attempts appear as a mockery to the innocent pubic, which loses to the bankers. It also depicts the public as being part of a foolish front line that is easily swayed by winds of selfish ambition. Lawrence summers, though not an official member of the cast, is also annoying with his conceptions of other peoples ideas despite being backed by ideas. This is such as the warning given by Raghuram Rajan preliminary of the pending financial crisis in the near future, which summers dismisses and mocks (Scott 1). Since the 1980s, the financial sector has undergone a phase of lack of order as opposed to the period before it putting the country in the state it currently is. With this mind, the drive puts the blame for the situation squarely on the shoulders of both political parties that is democrats and republicans (Scot 1). This is because during the entire period of lack of regulation, both parties have been in power and have done little to ease the tension in the financial sector. This is as portrayed by Ferguson through the dropping of regulation of the economy in the 1980s and the resolution crisis in the late 2000s. The bl ame for the entire crisis originates with the government following the policy against regularization of the finance industry, which could have been fuelled by financial institutions. However, the main cause of the crisis lies with the selfish bankers individually and their boards for misleading members of the public and capitalizing on their trustfulness in financial institutions. Decisions made by financial services companies led to the meltdown in the financial sector by undermining reports of looming collapse of the financial system.

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Valuation of the benefits of infrastructure projects(built Essay

Valuation of the benefits of infrastructure projects(built environment) may sometimes be difficult exactly it is essential for the rational determination of sector - Essay ExampleThe public operate argon not able to mobilize resources to meet the increasing demand in these areas, mainly collectible to bureaucratic interventions, organizational lapses and political lethargy. Therefore, it has become necessary for the private sectors to involve themselves prominently in this strategic area of human living. The fact remains that the implementation and execution of infrastructure developmental projects have remained uppermost in the hands of their planners and executors, but they have not considered its implications nor pondered over the necessary ways in which these projects could propose long time succor and increased standard of living for the masses effected by these projects or the ultimate beneficiaries of these efforts. Hence these projects have been carried out in an ad hoc manner, which is why it has become imperative to conjure up and enhance the quality of service to bring it at par with acceptable standards. The emphasis should be on providing infrastructure projects with a national or regional development policy or strategy and similarly to link the resources decision with local social, economic and environmental requirements. This way, not only the broader objectives of the project would be met but its utility value, in the grassroots level would also stand ensured. This is because all important infra geomorphological projects should have social upliftment and emancipation of the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society in mind when they are conceptualized and also when they are finally implemented.The economic evaluation of development projects should be such that it renders maximum benefit to social welfare. Although the objectives may be clearly delineated, the derivation of net benefits or its quantitative benefit value may no t be assessable in real money terms. To take an illustration, the Government wished to seek the

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Internet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Internet - try ExampleThe living standards of the public increased a lot as a result of the asylum of net. Nobody has any doubt about the contributions of internet in enhancing communication. No other medium is unfastened of communicating with people as quickly as internet does. Social networking services like facebook, myspace, orkut etc be helping the people to share selective information blinkly and effectively in a virtual world. When it comes to hour communication, internet always gets priority over other channels of communication. Communication is an area in which internet brought revolutionary changes in the society. Earlier, patsy sources, television, radio etc were the prominent media of communication in the society. However, these media are incapable of delivering instant information to the public as internet does. Newspapers and televisions require enough time to collect news, edit it, and print/transmit it to the readers/viewers. On the other hand, internet is c apable of delivering the news instantly to the public. ... The difficulties and problems associated in locating particular proposition information in newspapers or printed sources have been eliminated with the design of electronic media like internet. It is easy for the readers to eliminate outcaste information quickly so that they can concentrate much only on the specific information they were searching for while using internet. It is a fact that most of the newspapers contain large number of advertisements and the recovery of specific information from newspaper is difficult. Internet provides answer to such messed up reading styles it helps the readers to avoid unclaimed things instantly and to locate the required information instantly. The enhancement of communication using internet resulted in the instruction of new life styles in the society. Earlier, people visit the ho habituates of their friends and relatives to exchange their regards and greetings. Now all such things are happening in the virtual world. For sending, birth day greetings, wedding invitations and greetings etc people are making use of internet. It is a fact that virtual socializing gives enough flexibility in sending greetings and conveying ideas. The introduction of internet and the subsequent development of social networking services helped the people to increase their virtual socializing activities to a greater extent than their real face to face socializing activities. It is possible to transport with anybody through internet even when a person travels from one place to another. Audio and video conferencing facilities provided by internet help people to communicate with others just like a face to face meeting. The mobile workforce requires people to travel more frequently for work, leaving friends and family behind, and

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Explanation of I Believe That Deep Down All Human Beings Are Really Essay

Explanation of I Believe That Deep Down All Human Beings be Really Good Quote by Anne Frank - Essay ExampleThe Holocaust, which claimed the writers life, confused the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent Jews. The author believed that the evil would soon end, and peace would prevail. She had the belief that the peck who were undertaking the execute would come to their mind and realize the harm that they cause, realizing the good that is still in their hearts. The quote means that quite a little kick in two sides, the good and the bad, and no matter how the evil side is, the good side foundation still be portrayed. I disagree with this quote. People do certainly have good sides, exclusively they do not apply to everybody that they interact with. For this quote to be applicable to all humans, volume would be considering the implications of their actions on others before undertaking these activities. In the worst scenario, if all humans had some good on them, they would see how other people atomic number 18 suffering and have empathy for them. The mere assumption that humans are capable of changing does not mean that everybody can. Some people are stuck in beliefs that good leave behind happen to them if they commit heinous actions. There are occurrences that prove not all humans have good in them. One critical phenomenon is the historical Johnstown massacre in the US 1978 which claimed the lives of over 900 people (The Guardian, n.p). The cult leader Jim Jones forced his followed to drink poisoned juice. Those who declined were injected with the poisoned or shot dead (The Guardian, n.p). Another issue that proves not all humans have good in them is the presence of terrorist organizations such as ISIS. The ISIS members behead people and kill people in painful and horrible ways. If these people had any slight good in them, these atrocities would not be happening.

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Reactions to Industrial Domination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reactions to Industrial mastery - Essay ExampleThe case considered here are multinational agro food companies. As in all entity, aside from corporate objectives of increased sales of growths and services, these companies want to be seen as having humanitarian causes. They are imagine as companies who solve problems of poor countries, particularly in terms of hunger, through new technologies and free look at agreements. There is no objection to that. But behind these objectives, are the underlying reasons that these large corporations have a great ability to influence the market because of their large market share. Again as in OPEC, whatever increase or decline in oil production has a dramatic effect worldwide.The draw of activities in industrial domination creates uneven distribution of wealth, and draws a big impact on the orbiculate economy. For instance, in food production, the system underpays their inputs and overpays their outputs. Here since in that respect are few sel lers, big corporations can dominance a price and exert their power to farmers in buying expensive agricultural inputs. and into buying the farmers product at a bargain price, and sometimes lesser than it cost to grow them. This alone is a inexpedient position to farmers.Not only that, the large ... Unknown to the public, these corporations influences the industry as it formulates guidelines on nutrition, food resort regulations, and rules for labeling and content disclosure which all work for their benefit.The monopoly of food conglomerates has the power to set final payment and farm logic gate prices which is usually tipping the edge advantageous to the corporations by setting a below levels of farm gate prices, workers wages and benefits. The implication here starts when farmers are forced to sell their lands by the agribusiness powers, and in other evolution countries, sometimes called third world countries, the fall down of domestic market due to the pressure of dumped impo rts. domesticated market cannot compete with the dumped imports eventually leading to the closing of factories and abandonment of agricultural lands. Workers, then have no resort but to accept low wages, work under poor conditions in the factories of giant corporations, and a good deal restricted in labor rights, or others consider migration. Effects on environment. While the damage to environment cannot be felt now, the future generation volition feel the effects particularly on agriculture, when there would be soil erosion, water depletion, toxic contamination, and loss of bio-diversity that will deplete the natural resources . The loss will be shouldered by the people, while the gains are raked by these conglomerates.Influence on assesses and subsidies.The public is unploughed uninformed that they are actually subsidizing these companies thru taxes. Because of influence, and complexity of operations, big companies found a way of reduced tax liabilities.

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The But for test Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The But for test - Essay utilizationSuch pandects believe that as far as justice is concerned, oneness person should non be the reason for other person suffering injuries or any physical calamities and so as big as the law can proof that solely for the defendants action, the complainant would not ready suffered, the defendant should be made to face the full damages caused. The other school of intellection excessively hold the idea that laws are meant to be amended and changed to suit the human society. For this reason, they see nothing awry(p) with logical changes that arise from the need to protect the larger interest of society. With such two schools of conceit tout ensemble seeming to have some point to prove, the discussion and conclusion of the paper would bring one of the schools of thoughts high to the other. How Fairchild (2003) have affected the original application of the but for test The Fairchild (2003) emanated from the case, Fairchild v Glenhaven Funeral Ser vices Ltd 2002UKHL 22. In the case, the married woman of Mr. Fairchild was seeking justice for her keep up, who had worked for distinguishable employers, who had all, in one way or the other negligently undefendable him to asbestos. Since Mr. Fairchild died as a result of suffering pleural mesothelioma, Mrs. Fairchild was actually suing the employers for negligence. As far as the but for test was concerned, her major claim was that but for the exposure that her husband suffered at the hands of the different employers, her husband would not have died. But there was going to be more than just this contextual assumption.... as long as the law can proof that but for the defendants action, the complainant would not have suffered, the defendant should be made to face the full damages caused. The other school of thought also hold the idea that laws are meant to be amended and changed to suit the human society. For this reason, they see nothing wrong with logical changes that arise from the need to protect the larger interest of society. With such two schools of thought all seeming to have some point to prove, the discussion and conclusion of the paper would bring one of the schools of thoughts higher to the other. How Fairchild (2003) have affected the original application of the but for test The Fairchild (2003) emanated from the case, Fairchild v Glenhaven Funeral Services Ltd 2002UKHL 22. In the case, the wife of Mr. Fairchild was seeking justice for her husband, who had worked for different employers, who had all, in one way or the other negligently separated him to asbestos. Since Mr. Fairchild died as a result of suffering pleural mesothelioma, Mrs. Fairchild was actually suing the employers for negligence. As far as the but for test was concerned, her major claim was that but for the exposure that her husband suffered at the hands of the different employers, her husband would not have died. But there was going to be more than just this contextual assumptio n as the judges who heard the case would have different interpretations of the but for test to take a shit as far as the case that was presented was concerned. Basically, she had to proof that the sole cause of her husbands muscular contraction of mesothelioma was as a result of the inhalations he had from his employers are there exists several environmental factors that can expose a person to the disease causing

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HIST up to 1877 DB6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

HIST up to 1877 DB6 - Essay Examplecapital of Nebraska believed that thralldom should be completely eradicated. Thus, Douglas and capital of Nebraska differed on their stance on slavery. The two political gladiators at that time were on opposing sides on the issue of slavery. Thus, it could be said that while Stephen Douglas supported slavery, Abraham Lincoln opposed slavery (Donald 89-92). While Abraham Lincoln was concerned with the moral effects of slavery, Stephen Douglas was not in any way concerned with the morality panic that the institution of slavery brought with it. Douglas believed that the sovereignty of the people should be considered on the issue of slavery, this is the reason that he argued that slavery should be made to stand if the inhabitants of the region supported it. Lincoln believed that this was not an issue of popular sovereignty, unless concerted efforts should be made to totally eradicate slavery. Thus, Lincoln differed from Douglas on the issue of slaver y in the sense that, Lincoln opposed slavery, while Douglas lent a hand of support to the institutionalization of slavery in some states. Work Cited Donald, David Herbert. Lincoln. New York Simon & Schuster, 1995. Print

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Expression of Mentality through Materiality of Object (not decided Research Paper

Expression of encephalon done Materiality of Object (not decided yet) - Research Paper Exampley to deny the mental aspects of men but try to consider and study their mental activities as a compound of physico-chemical designer and to express them in a more concrete and visual method. Therefore, the following discussion implements the research findings through the argued out philosophies, secondary, and primary data sources, and sole resolutions on establishing the relationship following various interviews with affected respondents (Przytycki, and urbanski, 201046). Mainly, the discussion shall focus on the mental effects that deciphered through physical actions and emotional mourning in human beings, by answering the following questions.The main resolution while tackling the issue of ism and the ideal relationship with human character as forecasted in physiological characteristics. David majors his concerns on the consistent factors borne of the human behaviours that correlate with the mentality as forecasted in the individual deeds. Further, the philosopher argues out on the general nature of mentality that harbours man from cohabiting and exhibiting his feelings to the environment. Entirely, David acknowledges that the conflicting interest between mental and material variables is continuous thus it is infeasible to ascertain on any completion of the same or a probability that the variables shall halt, a phenomenon referred to as the wholeness and the implicate order (Harris, 201246). As a physicist, David Bohm, is among the most creative thinkers of the early 20th cytosine and he is accredited of the Hologram theoretical approach in arguing out different ideologies surround human lives.The two psychologists experimented the extreme external factors such as an electroshock device and a prison to change a normal persons character, and the reason presented me a more concrete and visible method of preparation (Tyson, et al 200967). The efficient arrang ements of various external factors, mostly emotional, influenced my experimentations with

Strategic Analysis for Cathay Pacific Airways Dissertation

Strategic Analysis for mainland China Pacific Airways - Dissertation ExampleCathay Pacific, during the global financial crisis in late 2008 and 2009, has incurred a record high of $ 7 billion deprivation (Cathay Pacific 2010). This is the first time that the company has ever experienced such a huge loss. However, by 2010, the company has reached an all time high of $14 billion profit (Cathay Pacific 2010). Although this turnaround is attributed to the move growth and strong performance of the Chinas economy, what Cathay Pacific shows is astonishing since the airline business, fundamentally, involves heavily investments, but relatively slow return on investments. Yet, Cathay Pacific has gained monumental profit during tricky economic times. In this sense, by face into Cathay Pacifics approach and strategy as the company surmounts the hurdle of the global financial crisis with excellent profit, one muckle learn from their experience as it provides a paradigm that can be used by m ost companies who are still reeling from the impact of the recent global financial crisis. In this regard, Cathay Pacific strategic management offers alternative frames that can be useful for companies as they address the challenges and impact of the first global economic crisis of the 21st century. 1.1. soil of the Study The airline attention is one of the most dynamic and robust business sectors in the world (Meersman, Van de Voorde & Vanelslander 2008). Its business cycle is consists of ups and downs that continues to modify and restructure the demands and framework of the airline industry market (Uncles & Goh 2002). In this regard, it is significant to understand the important factors contributing to the robust nature of the airline industry. In addition, by looking into the elements modifying the structure of the industry, the approaches develop by the companies not only becomes contextualise, but it also affords the chance to apprehend what is the elementary condition of the airline industry. One of the most important factors affecting not only the airline industry but all businesses and countries around the world is globalisation. Globalisation is the removal of trade barriers existing among nations. With this economic insurance policy adopted by most countries around the world the movement of goods, capital, services, products, culture and people has become freer flowing, and then allowing for exchanges to happen (Coatsworth 2004 Fougner 2006 Munck 2008). In effect, eco0nomic policies of governments have shifted from

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Application of Tecnology in Nursing and Patient Eduation Research Paper

Application of Tecnology in treat and Patient Eduation - Research Paper ExampleInternet has been identified as an important resource in the embrace cancer cultivation program (Muhamad, Afshari and Mohamed, 2011). Ryhanen et al. (2010) carried a literature review to analyze the use of engineering science particularly internet or interactive computer-based in patient education for breast cancer patients. This is because education programs for breast cancer patient are critical in intervention by empowering the patients. Although application of engineering science in education is considered as a popular alternative compared to the traditional methods, more research inescapably to be carried out to assess its effectiveness (Ryhanen et al., 2010). This paper will describe use of internet in breast cancer education program and explore situations when its use proves to be advantageous and disadvantageous. It will likewise explore the professional standards that must be adhered whenev er using internet technology. Use of Computer-Based Education It is theorized that people recover 10 part of what they see, 20 percent of what they hear and 50 percent of what they see and hear. However, people find an ability of retaining 80 percent of what they hear, see and do (Heiskell, 2010). Consequently, computer-based patient education program is considered as an start out which may help enhance health care. Despite its role in empowering the patients with the required entropy to repulse care of their health, patient education programs are usually time-consuming with physicians taking more than 25 percent of their time in giving patient instructions and counseling (Heiskell, 2010). Computer-based patient education programs are recommended given that they are patient focused, inexpensive, fast and effective (Muhamad, Afshari and Mohamed, 2011). Internet is one method used in breast cancer computer-based patient education given that it is considered as largest medical li brary and having over 1.5 billion users oecumenic (Muhamad, Afshari and Mohamed, 2011). Internet is considered as an appropriate method of disseminating health information as it provides patients with immediacy, privacy, and a massive smorgasbord of information (Muhamad, Afshari and Mohamed, 2011). One of the most common diseases searched by patient and their families from the internet is cancer. According to Heiskell (2010), doorway of wide variety of information on breast cancer from the internet helps breast cancer patients to interact effectively and productively with their patients. Internet can help enhance the patients awareness on unlike conditions of the disease, understand how to diagnosis breast cancer and get information on its treatment. Moreover, internet helps patients to learn on living with cancer and allow patients to form social connections with others living with cancer. Internet use in disseminating information about breast cancer would only be advantageou s in educating literate women and particularly those having admission to internet. However, the procedure would not be effective in educating illiterate women and those who do not have access to internet. According to Heiskell (2010), computer-based patient education supports the principle of just-in-time where learning happens only when a patient is willing to learn. He describes video-on-demand (VOD) as a computer-based patient education which incorporates computerized access system with the patients in-room television. The patient gives requests to the computer through the telephone set for particular educational video to be displayed

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Tourism and the Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Tourism and the Media - Essay Example25 pct of animals showed antibody evidence of infection (CDC, 2006). Swine flu is the viral disorder which affects pigs. It is also considered as a severe respiratory disease which destroys entire the respiratory system of pigs. According to World Health Organisation, morbidity tends to be broad(prenominal) and mortality low in pigs. This means that the virus spreads rapidly and kills one to four percent of its victims. The impudently H1N1 virus has genetic elements of North American swine flu and avian flu. This new strain of swine flu is non affecting pigs. The symptoms which arise in Swine flu are fever, cough, muscle pain as well as extreme tiredness along with diarrhoea (The Sunday Times, 2009). The name swine flu was referred because from the testing it was detected that some(prenominal) genes were related to that of flu viruses that existed in the pig in North America. However, later it was tested that this virus is polar from the N orth American pigs virus. This virus possessed two genes one from flu virus of pig in Europe and Asia and other gene from influenza virus in human and birds (Johnson, 2009). The virus of Swine flu is ceaselessly changing as other influenza viruses. The influenza virus from different species affects pigs and as a allow for the viruses swap genes which results in emergence of new virus. The H1N1 virus causes illness to human in several countries. This virus is a generic combination of various viruses from pigs, human and birds. This recent concept of virus becomes challenging for close of the passels immune system in order to fight against this virus (Toucan ED, n.d.). The name Swine flu is given to a current strain of influenza or flu that was affecting the human lives.... This idea approves that it was found that the people were much related to the newspaper and social sites regarding such outbreak of epidemic disease in their country. Thus, it can be recommended that the peopl e in order to get complete and viable knowledge regarding such deadly disease and their protection instead of consulting this confusing media and sites, requires proper consultation from medical person. The people must judge properly before visiting any place during this time. As there was globular attack of this disease, the restriction was developed only for Mexico and the US thus the tourists cancelled their trip only to these places but other places remained unrestricted. The people visited other countries as there was no restriction from the media but did not go to Mexico.This essay makes a conclusion that with reference to the above observation, it was observed that the whole world was affected extensively by the pandemic disease named as Swine flu. Along with all the countries, the US and Mexico faced huge challenges and difficulties during this issue of outbreak. The countries were suffering from economic slowdown as the major business sector of the country was in massi ve loss. The touristry industry as considered as the major revenue outcome of Mexico was declining its business growth. Along with the tourism industries and related business, the hotel industrys growth also slowed down. Various luxury hotels in Mexico remained unoccupied as the number of visitors postponed their trip to Mexico. The airline industry was in economic hardship because the numbers of flights in Mexico were reduced.

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Law of Contract Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Law of Contract - typeface Study ExampleThe requirement for the program is usually postpones or suspended for a limited arrest of time, and may require notice in order to rely on the contractual clause.1Whether the questioning weather can classified as campaign majeure making the delay acceptable is dependent upon the fight majeure clause in the building contract that the parties entered into. Said clause should containAccording to the case of Paradine v Jane3, it is necessary to adhere to the strict and literal application of contractual terms. In that case the defendant refused to redeem involve since he was no longer in possession of the land. The defendant was made to pay rent since the court ruled that there was no express or implied terms within their contract to select a reprieve in such circumstances.In the event that the agreement between the parties does not clearly state or cover the issues at hand, the basic agreement contained in UK law regarding Force Majeure i s launch in the Standard Building Contract or SBC Item 13. The SBC states that a contractor is entitled to an mention of time in cases ofother relevant events such as exceptionally adverse weather conditions, specify perils, civil commotion or terrorism, strike and the execution by the UK government of any statutory business office which directly affects the execution of the works after the base date.4 The performance of the obligation is deemed suspended until the perfunctory of the force majeure and thus it will create the effect of extending the time allotted to finish obligation as discussed in the case of Tenneco Canada Inc. V British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority.5 Accordingly if the workers strike, a circumstance considered by the court as a force majeure, caused the direct cessation of the Tennecos electric supply then Tenneco would be granted a reprieve from payment of the monthly demand charge on top of the electricity bill. But since the stoppage of work caused by the strike did not prevent Tenneco from using the electricity wherefore he must(prenominal) pay the consequent monthly demand charge. The obligation to pay was not deemed suspended. In the case of Snograss the inclement weather condition caused work stoppages and delays, hence the period to complete the obligation must be suspended pending the passage of the force majeure.This being the rule of law, Snodgrass contention is validated. The reason of force majeure causing the delay is valid. The additional time of 10 days it took Snodgrass to finish the first fifty bungalows is valid and reasonable. Hence the breach of contract is excused and the Newchestham Borough Council cannot terminate the same nor is it entitled to

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Gay perspectives in Arab communities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Gay perspectives in Arab communities - Essay ExampleGay perspectives in Arab communitiesThis type of tone could lead a man to be uncomfortable with other men, because he is sexually attracted to men, which it is weird in Arab communities. The narrator Rickel in the story pass didnt show directly that he is gay. He is indisposed to express it openly. A person has to think deeply to understand that the narrator is gay. A person screwing realize that the narrator is gay through phallic symbols and the situation in which he is trying to pass. The text edition reveals how the narrator was structured as a gay from his childhood however he wants the audience to pick up the difficulties he was trying to pass through the town he lived in, people that was the main affects, and challenging of cover his homosexuality. there is an Arabic saying that from the black hedge comes a white duck. This means that whatever was the chroma or the culture that a man is from, he can be just the oppos ite. For example, the narrator lives in a town called Tempe it is a small town and all the people know each other. There is only one barbershop and one drug store. From their description, it is likely that the people in the city are close-minded, and they put up their own culture and traditions. They dont have tourists. The small community is like the black duck the somehow produces the strange, white duck, the narrator, he lived in a community where it was believed that no man would think of creation gay, however, he did.

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Polictal Phylosophy. What it it Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Polictal Phylosophy. What it it - Term makeup ExampleThis paper shall be a password of my psycheal governmental philosophy. Specifically, it shall be a interchange of my liberal political philosophy, largely based and supported by John Lockes philosophy. A discussion of my political philosophy as applied in the Iraqi invasion shall be established by this paper followed by a discussion related to gay marriage. My opposite political views shall also be considered, as well as the relationship of this philosophy with other political philosophies. Body I get hold of a liberal political philosophy. By this, I mean that I believe in the independence of the concourse to decide their own fates within the bounds of law and morality with limited interference from other people, other states, and from the government. I flummox firmly to this philosophy because I believe that man was by nature born free and possessing of these inherent liberties. As such, he is free to decide his destin y and his fate as an individual and as a free person (Gaus, 1983). I also believe that allowing the individuality of people to emerge fuck help ensure the favorable development of human beings. It also allows them to become the person they most want to be, without anyone or anything preventing them from fulfilling their ultimate goals (Mill, 1963). I believe this to be the best ideology which a person can apply in his life because through such ideology, he will be able to get closer to the perfection he desires. Only under liberal principles and philosophies can a society which is ideal for the greatest number of people be achieved. Every man has an opportunity to glint and to gain success under this philosophy and it would also serve to equalize economic disparities among the people, thereby gravid the poor people a chance to seek their fortunes and dreams under the protection of this philosophy. My political philosophy acknowledges the detail that a favorable life is one which is freely chosen and one where a person can develop his individual and unique qualities based on his plans in life (Galston, 1980). I also adhere to this political philosophy because I strongly oppose the dictatorial and authoritarian ideals which are contrary to the ideals of liberalism. I also do not adhere to the idea that might makes right. I believe that we started out as a people without any government, without police authorities or even private properties, and yet with inseparable and inherent reasoning, we need managed to coexist favorably with each(prenominal) other and have managed to resolve our differences using essential laws. By adequate and logical reasoning, it is sufficient to think that people have their rights to their labor and their properties (IEP, 2001). Eventually, with time, people have been able to discover that in order to coexist with each other, they needed to establish social contracts with each other, and from such contract, political obligations and the management of private properties have been established (IEP, 2001). With these precepts, I adhere to the liberal political philosophy because it is a philosophy which is likely to benefit the most number of people in sane and naturally efficient ways. I am also a liberalist because the philosophy it espouses are fertile one thousand for the application of

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Changing patterns in marriage Essay Example for Free

Changing patterns in marriage EssayUsing information from the items and elsewhere, examine the reasons for changing patterns of marriage, cohabitation and childbearing in the last 40 years (24 marks) According to the Office for National Statistics, the highest number of couples in 1972 was 480,000 and was due to the baby boom contemporaries of the 1950s reaching marriageable age and the point that people chose to marry at a younger age compargond to pervious generations. However the annual number of marriages in England and Wales then went into decline and reached an all-time belittled in 2005 when only 244,710 couples got married. This decline in the total number of marriages has been paralleled by a decline in marriage rates. In 1994, the marriage rate was 11.4 but has decline to 10.3 by 2004. The male rate declined from 36.3 in 1994 to 27.8 in 2004 whilst the female rate declined from 30.6 to 24.6. Fears about what marriage statistics reveal argon exaggerated for four re asons heap argon delaying marriage rather than rejecting it. Most people will marry at some school principal in their lives, but people are now marrying later in life, probably after a period of cohabitation.Women whitethorn delay marriage because they want to develop their careers and enjoy a period of independence. The BSAS indicates that virtually people, whether single, divorced or cohabiting, still see marriage as a desirable life-goal. People similarly generally debate that having children is best done in the context of marriage and few people believe that the freedom associate with living alone is better than being married to someone. Two fifths of all marriages are remarriages. Evidently these people are committed to the institution of marriage despite their previous negative dwell of it. Despite the decrease in the overall number of people marrying, married couples are still the primary(prenominal) types of partnership for men and women in the UK. Wilkinson notes tha t female attitudes towards marriage and family life name undergone a radical intensify or genderquake. She argues that young females no nightlong prioritize marriage and children.Educational opportunities and the feminization of the economy have resulted in young women weighing up the costs of marriage and having children against the benefits of a career and economic independence. thus the result of this is that many females, particularly middle-class, are postponing marriage and family life until their careers are established. Other feminist sociologists are sceptical about the hold dear of marriage. Smith argues that marriage creates unrealistic expectationabout monogamy and homage in a world characterized by sexual freedom. She argues that at different points in peoples life cycles, people need different things that often can only be gained from a saucily partner. Campbell, however, suggests that marriage benefits men more than it does women. A constant source of concern t o the New Right has been the prodigious rise in the number of couples cohabiting.The proportion of non-married people cohabiting has risen sharply in the last 20 years from 11% of men and 13% of women in 1986 to 24% and 25% respectively. In 2007, the ONS suggested that cohabiting couples are the express growing family type in the UK. Around 2.2 million families are cohabiting couples with or without children. This family type has grown by 65% since 1997. However, New Right commentators claim that cohabitation is less stable than marriage. A report by the name for the Study of Civil Society claimed that cohabiting couples were less happy and less fulfilled than married couples, and more promising to be abusive, unfaithful, stressed and depressed.Although surveys indicate that few people see cohabitation as an alternative to marriage, the fact that cohabiting couples are much younger than married couples suggests cohabitation is seen my many participants as a test of compatibility and an introduction to marriage. Other investigate suggests that cohabitation is a temporary phase lasting on average for about 5 years. Approximately 60% of cohabiting couples eventually marry. Although cohabitation marks a dramatic change in heavy(p) living arrangements as of late as the 1960s, it was regarded immoral cohabiting couples with and without children only accounted for 10% of households in 2006.Reasons for increase in divorce ratesThornes and Collard women value friendship and emotional gratification more than men do. If the husband fails to live up to these expectations, women may timber the need to look elsewhere. Hart divorce may be reaction to the frustration that many working(a) wives may feel if they are responsible for the bulk of housework and childcare. Beck and Beck-Gernsheim (1995) rising divorce rates are the product of a rapidly changing world in which traditional rules, rituals and traditions of love, romance and relationships no longer apply. In 1938, 6,000 divorces were granted in the UK. This figure had increased tenfold by 1970, and in 1993, numbers jam-packed at 180,000. By2000, this figure had fallen to 154,600 although the years 2001-2004 have seen a gradual rise to 167,100.Flouri and Buchanans (2002) study of 17,000 children from families that had experienced separation and divorce found that in families, their fathers were still involved in their children so the children were more successful in gaining educational qualifications and continued to seek out educational opportunities in adult life. In conclusion, the reasons for changing patterns of marriage, cohabitation and childbearing in the last 40 years are due to the fact that conjugal roles within marriages have differed and the ability to change marriage beliefs in an instant. Men and women, especially the middle-class, may fear the need to put their careers before starting a family, which therefore causes problems within marriage.

Why was Ireland Partitioned Essay Example for Free

Why was Ireland Partiti mav give notice EssayIn the late 19th century, Ulster became the most prosperous state of matter in Ireland, with the only large-scale industrialization in the country. Its linen industry thrived and its products were imported throughout the world. In the latter part of the century, Belfast overtook Dublin as the largest city on the island. Belfast was particularly noted for its huge dockyards owned by Harland and Wolff1. After the famine thither was a preponderance of Protestants in Ulster, with a more than larger number of skilled workers than the Catholics. Ulster trade unionism was and still is composed of two main ele work cramts the bul state of wark and preservation of their religion and of the Ulster Economy. When the place Rule party began introducing reforms such as the Land Act of 1870 Ulster Unionists began to purport threatened. They saw these reforms as the thin edge of a wedge which they feared might damage their interests2. Although t here were great gulfs of difference between them, they were able to unite remarkably well under the common banner of Unionism, a resolve which was strengthened with the start of land agitation in the North. They saw this as a come out attack on in all they strove to protect3.In the 1885 elections, the Home Rule party won 17 of the 33 Ulster seats, a development which shocked many Unionism and Gladst one introduced his first Home Rule preeminence. mend Gladstone prepared an Irish policy, Lord Randolph Churchill prepared for his own visit to Ireland. In February, he wrote, I decided some time ago that if Gladstone went for Home Rule, the Orange card would be the one to play4. Ninety-three of Gladstones own Liberal MPs voted against the bill, and it was foiled.Disturbed at how close to success the Home Rulers had come, there was an influx of new members into the orange order. The Ulster loyalist anti repeal union was also established. They had a conditional loyalty to the crown which means they supported it as large as it did not interfere with their interests5. In 1886 the Belfast anti-Unionist riots damaged the Home Rule cause in the North. Also in that year promote University became an independent University instead of affiliating to the other British Universities. In this way Unionists first began showing their feelings of self-reliance and autonomy6.The argue for home rule continued, and Gladstone introduced a second bill in 1893, only to see it defeated in the House of Lords. The Parliament Act of 1911 reduced the peers veto on legislation to a delaying power. At this time there were three strands of Unionism the Ulster Unionism of Craig and the Unionist Council the Irish Unionists with Edward Carson and the British Unionism and Bonar Law.The Irish position changed when Carson, M.P., for Trinity College, was invited to lead Ulster Unionists in February, 19107. A meeting was held at Craigavon, Craigs home, to receive the new loss leader on 23 Sep tember, 1911 100,000 people accompanied. The meeting marked the beginning of the campaign against the Home Rule Bill of Asquith which was to go before Parliament in 1912. This bill was rejected by the Lords, but became law in 19148.On the 28th September (Ulster Day) the Solemn League and covenant was signed by Unionist men only. This showed their opposition to Home Rule. Some to show their excogitation signed it with their own blood. In January 1913 the Ulster Volunteer force (UVF) was founded9. Men paraded and drilled with wooden weapons at first. At the end of April 35,000 rifles and 5 million rounds of ammunition were arrive at Larne by the Unionists. No moves were made by the army or police to thwart them and this caused overmuch anger amongst Nationalists.Herbert Asquiths policy of wait and see was not doing much for the situation and he failed to realise the intent of the Unionists. It was only in late 1913 that he began to take Ulster opposition seriously. The Curragh mut iny of July 1914 was a blow that showed his get laid lack of power over Ulster10. The prospect of Ireland being partitioned began to be con situationred as a serious election around this time when Lloyd George suggested the temporary exclusion of parts of Ulster. Bonar Law stated that this should be permanent and Carson also refused to compromise. In July 1914 King George, recognising the looming crisis called the Buckingham Palace conference in an effort to make some progress. This conference was attended by Asquith, Lloyd George, Bonar Law, Carson, Craig, Redmond and Dillon11.At the conference Carson immediately stated that he would not consider anything other than partition. The top dog was the area for exclusion and the time for which it would be excluded. Redmond suggested that each county could be given a plebiscite whether to opt in or out of Home Rule12. Carson disagreed and said Ulster should vote as a block. This was unacceptable to Redmond. Neither side would concede t he counties of Tyrone and Fermanagh. It was here that the conference broke down.The original intention of the Unionists was to defeat Home Rule for all Ireland. as yet, as time went on the idea of partition began to appeal more and more to them13. They began to see the safe from interference it would give them. What had began as a device for killing home rule had become an end in itself. The implementation of Home Rule had to be delayed for the duration of the Great War. A unification government was set up and both Carson and Redmond were invited to become members. Redmond turned it down. This was to place him at a disfavor that was to have severe consequences14.Carson accepted his place immediately. Urged by Redmond many nationalists signed up to fight in the war. The Unionists also fought. Both sides suffered terrible casualties notably at the Battle of the Somme. The war also brought with it the chance the Irish republicans had been waiting years for. The old saying Englands difficulty is Irelands opportunity rang clear as they started a wage hike on Easter Monday 191615. As William Butler Yates later wrote about the event alls changed, changed utterly. All had changed.After the executions that followed 1916, the Irish people would no longer be happy with Home Rule. Overnight Redmond and the Home Rulers lost much of their power. Lloyd George organised talks in September 191816. He talked to Carson and Redmond separately. Carson was told he could have immediate permanent Home Rule for the six counties whilst he convinced Redmond it would only be a temporary measure until the war ended. The Irish Convention was an assembly called by Lloyd George which sat in Ireland from July 1917 until March 1918 to address the Irish Question. However it did not have much success in resolving the problems.By the end of the war tail Redmond was dead, the Irish party was a spent force and Sinn Fein had come to power. Dail Eireann had been set up by the republicans as the ir own parliament to ignore Westminster. The British Government would have let Home Rule slither was it not for the fact it was still on the books. Walter Long was a British Unionist politician17. From October 1919 onwards, he was more often than not concerned with Irish affairs, serving as the chair of the cabinets Long Committee on Ireland. The purpose of this delegation was to deal with the Irish interrogative mood. He would only consider a settlement which was in the Unionists favor. In this capacitance he saw them first reject the county by county option. sooner it was proposed that there would be two parliaments one in Dublin and one in Belfast. Both were directly answerable to Westminster. This move would give Unionists understand over their own destiny18.The British governments official stance was in favor of ultimate unification. The Unionists were first offered society counties. This was turned down as they feared nine was too big for them to retain full control ove r. Instead they demanded six counties. The government of Ireland bill was introduced on the 26th of February 192019. It caused much hostility in the border counties and sidesplitter in Belfast between June and September. On 3rd May it came into effect, creating separate home rule governments for Confederate Ireland and Northern Ireland, the latter he endowed with wider powers than its southern counterpart. Although in southern and western Ireland, this was soon superseded by the Anglo-Irish Treaty, which gave the new Irish Free State a much greater share of independence. The king candid the new parliament in Ulster in May 192120.In conclusion, this essay has examined the reasons behind the partition question in Ireland and had accessed the causes of this divide in detail. It is ironic that the Unionist people fought so hard and so long against Home Rule just to later adopt it for themselves.1J. J. Lee, Ireland 1912-1985, pages 9-112 Alvin Jackson, Ireland 1798-1998, pages 1453 D. G. Boyce, Nineteenth snow Ireland, pages 200-2014 D. G. Boyce, Nineteenth Century Ireland, pages 194-1955 Pauric Travers, Settlements and Divisions, 116-1176 Paul Bew, Ideology and the Irish Question Ulster Unionism and Irish Nationalism 1912-1916 pages 8-97 D. G. Boyce, Nineteenth Century Ireland, pages 186-1878 Michael Laffan, The Partition of Ireland, 1911-19259 Pauric Travers, Settlements and Divisions, pages 126-12810 Alvin Jackson, Ireland 1798-1998, pages 151-15311 J. J. Lee, Ireland 1912-1985, pages 17-2012 D. G. Boyce, Nineteenth Century Ireland, pages 20013 Alvin Jackson, Ireland 1798-1998, pages 15614 J. J. Lee, Ireland 1912-1985, pages 13-1515 Pauric Travers, Settlements and Divisions, pages 139-14016 Pauric Travers, Settlements and Divisions, pages 14517 J. J. Lee, Ireland 1912-1985, pages 19-2018 Paul Bew, Ideology and the Irish Question Ulster Unionism and Irish Nationalism 1912-1916 pages 1719 Paul Bew, Ideology and the Irish Question Ulster Unionism and Irish Nati onalism 1912-1916 pages 118-11920 J. J. Lee, Ireland 1912-1985, pages 24-25

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A Classic Shakespearean Comedy Essay Example for Free

A Classic Shakespe champaignn Comedy EssayThe lolly Shakespeare Theatre at Navy Pier manages to combine an extravagant and lavish, era at the same time still very intimate, subject field setting with victor acting performances in every action shown. However, the proceeds of As You equal on March 5, 2011 perhaps best exemplifies these substantial qualities crucial to Shakespeare flirts. Directed by, Gary griffon, the production is able to captivate the entire audience for the complete duration of the adjoin through its brilliant illustration of spectacle as swell as strong narration. However, the most significant figure of the production would undeniably be its comprehension of an alliance of narrative, dramatic, and spectacle particles all intertwined in the overall production. Griffin depicts a traditional Shakespearian comedy with the use of vivid set design and perfect actor choice in the production of As You bid It in a manner that separates the comedic produ ction from any former(a) previous Shakespeare play I have seen. The production does so by being able to masterfully combine Shakespearean comedic elements with deeper connotations about self-identity and the power of love crucial to all productions of As You akin It.The thematic elements prevalent throughout the production are contemporary in regards to all Shakespearean comedies in that the play revolves rough mistaken identity, the many forms of love, and the resolutions of all mis on a lower floorstandings in the end of the play. However, the way in which Griffins overall production is able to enthrall the audience through brilliant acting, audience inclusion, and beautiful plain design in such a way that the audience isnt forced to exert very much personal imagination hastens As You Like It a classic example of an ideal Shakespearean production.The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, the producing plain for director Gary Griffins adaptation of As You Like It, is a professional t heater of operations venue and company located on 800 East Grand Avenue in Navy Pier. The theatre is ornately designed with the intent to transform the audiences connotation of setting and to make them entrust/ give the style that they are in an actual Shakespearean Theatre without the use of their imagination. The theatre shoes used for the production of As You Like It is called Jentes Family Auditorium and features a total of 510 tins on three levels surround the courtyard theatres thrust stage.This specific theatre was modeled/ designed with rapture coming directly from the Royal Shakespeare Companys Swan Theatre, evident at first glance, and hence creates an immediate intimate relationship between the actors, stage/ set design, and the entire audience seated around the three sides of the stage. While part of the set is elevated as a stage, the entire area/ space of the theatre is used by the actors throughout the production when this is incorporated with the fact that no s eat is more than thirty feet from the stage, a t whizz of voice of intimacy between actors and audience is ever- amaze.For instance, the audience is engaged into the motion of the play immediately by the way in which the stage extends through the middle of the first-floor seating allowing the appearance/ relish of the actors walking directly out into the middle of the audience members. In an analysis of the overall production of As You Like It it is evident that even though the set, stage, and use of shore and vivid images are riveting, the inclusion of an all-star ensemble of some of Chicagos finest actors is truly the underlying nature in exemplifying the control that the production is indeed Shakespeares glorious romantic comedy.The actors play courtiers, clowns, philosophers, and locals all who are under the classic comedic spell of the trials and conquests of love as the main nature, Rosalind, must disguise herself as a boy in order to escape the royal court. The flakes , following Rosalinds lead, venture into the timeless Forest of Arden where Rosalind finds herself detain by love and mistaken identity in her attempt to teach the man she loves how to win the women of his dreams.A traditional element present in the production of Shakespearean comedies such as As You Like It, is undeniably the inclusion of both a dominant and a secondary major female eccentric persons. The import of the secondary female lead is often determined by the skill of the actress portraying that role. The actress can make the character seem somewhat mysterious and forgettable, as seen by the DePaul students word-painting of mavin in Much Ado About Nothing, or she can appear as significant and charm as the lead female. In Griffins production of As You Like It this public opinion of the splendour of ctor/ character portrayals is illuminated.For instance, one of the most memorable characters in the entire play is Cecilia, the secondary female character played by Chaon Cross. Cross is able to depict the comedic character almost perfectly through all-round(prenominal) acting and clear companionship of Shakespearean language. In Cecilias character, Cross symbolizes a playful, charming, immensely loyal, humorous and charismatic supporting female role. This is apparent in her juxtaposition of speech and comedic body language. Crucial mend and thematic elements of As You Like It are depicted by the actors as well.For instance, the review on human beings life illustrated by the character Jaques, played by Ross Lehman in this production, is witnessed inLehmans acting skills in his performance as Jaques. He emphasizes the faults and ambitions of life in a funny and touching manner by offering both comedic and emotional moments for the audience throughout the play. There are many other characters in the production that portrayed memorable performances illuminating the underlying themes and comedic elements present in the correct use/ knowledge of Shak espearean language and acting.These actors included Kate Fry as Rosalind, Matt Schwader as Orlando, Dennis Kelly as Adam, Phillip James Brannon as Touchstone, Matt DeCaro as Duke Frederick, Kevin Gudahl as Duke Senior, and Elizabeth Ledo as Phoebe. Each character possesses unique and intricately detailed costumes and character traits crucial to the understanding of the overall production. The costumes are vivid with detail and evoke the use of imagination and feeling that the audience is witnessing the action of the play within actual setting of certain scenes (whether the orchard, royal court, or forest).The differences in characters personality, social class, and hierarchy alongside other characteristic elements are illuminated through the costumes intricate jinx and detail juxtaposed with a more simplistic but still vibrant use of props and set. In annexition to individual actor performances, the Chicago Shakespeare Theatres production of As You Like It signifies the epitome of Shakespeares glorious romantic comedy through the use of a unique/ one of a kind setting. The set designs present are an attractive and ubstantial visual supplement to the action pickings place on stage at every point throughout the progress of the play.This can be perceived in almost every scene of the production but is most notably present in the opening scene, depicting a lush/ vivid apple orchard with minimalistic use of props, as well as the more luxurious forest setting that accompanies it. The scenery presented by lighting, expert, props interruption from the ceiling, and the perception of depth in the stage prominently adds to the attraction and understanding of the production.The lighting and music of the production present in set/ scene changes enhances the plot developments as well as the overall journey and adventure portrayed in the plays narrative nature. The set design of various polar scenes is thus completely believable and enchanting employing the audiences com plete inclusion into the imaginative orb of the production. Alongside the appearance of setting in the various scenes, the intricately detailed costumes are exquisite and add a visually appealing aspect to the performances of the actors.At the same time, the creativity and uniqueness of each characters costume mandates the audiences teleportation from the feeling of watching a traditional play to the feeling that they are in fact present in this magical/ timeless world of As You Like It. Overall, As You Like It, a production shown by the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, is a professional and glamorous portrayal of traditional/ contemporary Shakespearean comedy. Every aspect of the theatre and production is employed into the narrative element of the play which makes this adaptation of As You Like It unlike any other theatre experience.For instance, the elaborate theatre space is perfect for setting the mood of seeing a professional Shakespearean production and the way in which the stage is the center of vision no matter where you sit in the audience allows sound to travel in a surreal, surround sound manner only enhances this feeling. The actors use/ knowledge of Shakespearean language in conjunction with their use of space (entire theatre used as stage small-arm most of the action is mere inches away from the first row of audience members) makes the production flow well while at the same time enhancing the professional feel of the production as well.In this professional nature of the production nearly every aspect and element of Shakespearean comedy is exemplified. Through Gary Griffins production of As You Like It, the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre is able to directly exemplify the notion of ideal Shakespearean plays and why these plays still remain so popular and relevant in our confederation today even four hundred years later.

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Mark Rydells On Golden Pond Essay Example for Free

Mark Rydells On Golden Pond EssayMark Rydells On Golden Pond is a drama that emphasizes the stages people of various ages endures. Utilizing Erik Eriksons Psychosocial Stages as learned in class, each(prenominal) of the main characters preempt be placed within a stage and their age-related crises analyzed. The film being so close to a familys emotional state, it becomes relatable to the audience, prompting somebodyal reactions as well as implementing life examples of some of the theories canvass in class. As there are plenty of characters that whole develop changes through verboten the movie, the most master(prenominal) would be the main character, Norman Thayer. Throughout the movie Norman shows m both prime examples or corporal, cognitive, and steamy changes. All of these are tied into Normans challenge of accepting the fact of his own age and maybe the base of death.On Golden Pond is base off of accepting the fact of age, family, and dying. With this being the main condense the story goes thick and wraps around Normans physical state. Norman is approaching his Eightieth birthday, and one can only imagine a persons physical appearance at this age. He is wrinkled all along his body, manakin of like a shriveled up prune. Glasses rest upon his face, and he has very little hair, which he hides with a fisherman hat. Norman has many health problems such(prenominal) as arthritis and palpitations, but his most urgent health issue is his slow mental decline. He knows he is not at the top of his indorse anymore so grumpiness and a sharp tongue is his cover. According to Eriksons stages Norman would be considered in the Late Adulthood category. The physical state of people in this category is everything that Norman is facing.Vision becomes worse, then why Norman wears glasses. The skin starts to become wrinkled and tough, hair loss occurs a lot faster. When this level in your life is reached the person is supposed to take the time and find meanin g and satisfaction in their liferather than to become bitter and not resolve the conflict of integrity versus despair. When a person is unsuccessful at doing so they tend to feel as if their life has been wasted and will go on with many regrets. They then will be left with feelings of bitterness and despair. Norman faces this problem because he cannot find it in him to love his life, or to accept what is happening to him as he ages.Along with physical changes throughout a persons life comes cognitive development. These are the strongest developments and changes a person goes through in their life because they usurp the person the most, without us realizing whats actually happening. Throughout the movie Norman experiences cognitive development and it unfeignedly shows through. When a person enters their Late Adulthood cognitive development includes many things.McGraw-Hill (2006) states the following Some aspects of memory, such as sensory memory, semantic and procedural memory, and priming appear nearly as efficient in older adults as in younger people. Other aspects, mainly the capability of working memory and the expertness to recall specific events or recently learned information, are often less efficient.This information goes along perfectly with the character Norman. One of Normans toughest challenges is his loss of memory, and he is in denial about it. A shooter in the movie where this is present is when Normal proceeds to tell his wife Ethel that he has gotten lost in the woods. While Norman is on his walk he becomes disoriented and scared, wandering off the trail and into the woods. afterwards a short run that causes him to pant heavily, he finds his way back to the cottage without giving Ethel any suspicions of the incident.He then soon begins to confess to Ethel that he got lost on his walk and needed to passel back to her. She embraces him and reassures him they will go on that same walk unneurotic to regain his memory. He wonders why she lov es him so much. Norman throughout the movie also has other incidents of decline in his memory. Throughout all the socio-economic classs he was known for taking his boat out on the pond and going fishing, this year when he tries its almost like he forgets how to steer it. It gets so bad that Billy takes over the boat, and Norman actually leads him into a patch full of rocks, whichdamages the boat and throws Norman overboard.Womens childhood relationships with their fathers are important to them all their lives. Regardless of age or status, women who seem clearest about their goals and most satisfied with their lives and personal and family relationships usually remember that their fathers enjoyed them and were actively interested in their development. (Chess, Stella). Among from all the other twists and turns a person goes through in their lifetime, emotional development is by far the best and the worst. In this movie an emotional relationship is what its only based off of. Norman has lived his whole entire life without having a relationship with his fille Chelsea. In fact she hasnt seen him in years and for the first time she is coming to spend time for his adult birthday. When Chelsea arrives the tightness and resentment is so present with both the characters. Normans problem is that he doesnt realize his words and actions strongly affect Chelsea in more than one-way.One scene that authentically shows how Norman feels about life and that can really affect Chelsea is when they assemble for his birthday cake. He states that he has little to say for living for four add years. Instead of expressing his love to his daughter he makes her feel as if she has had no impact on him what so ever. That very next day Chelsea tells her mother Ethel that even though she is all the way in Los Angeles he makes her feel inadequate from a distance. Now every person knows that in order to build a relationship it takes two. Another relationship Norman builds throughout the movie is through Chelseas stepson Billy. Billy gives Norman a run for his money and shows him that not everyone will take his negativity. Norman and the boy slowly begin to hold fast and share laughs with each other. Their biggest bonding experience is when they go fishing out on the lake to catch the big fish they call Walter. These experiences that Norman shares with Billy make him realize all he has missed out on with his own daughter Chelsea.Rougemont-Bucking (2013) explore states the following In particular, it focuses on the fact that the limited capacity of the working memory to process now-relevant information can be turned into an advantage, when the individual is occupied by dealing with awful emotion. Based on aphenomenon known as dual-task interference (DTI), this emotion can be chased by intense arousal due to clearly identifiable external stressors.This research on emotional development fits perfectly with Late Adulthood and maybe as to why Norman is so distant wit h his daughter. Since his memory is going slowly declining, his mind doesnt find it hard to deal with unpleasant emotion. Norman is kind of like a rock he is just there and doesnt feel much.To go back to the quote from before Womens relationships with their fathers are important to them all their life This quote ties my paper together perfectly. As much as it is a quote more to Chelsea than Norman it strongly shows how a daughter can be so affected without a fathers love and support. This movie is not only based off of Normans aging and one of his last summers but it is about the growth of a daughter and fathers extinct relationship. Throughout the movie Norman shows many prime examples or physical, cognitive, and emotional changes. We as an audience go into the mind of Norman Thayer and learn that even as a grumpy old soul, somewhere deep down in there is a huge heart with lots of love to give.WORKS CITED gigabyte B. (Producer), Rydell M. (Director). (1981) _On Golden Pond_ (Moti on Picture). United States Universal PicturesPapalia, D. E. Olds. S. W. Feldman. R. D (2006). Physical and Cognitive Development in Late Adulthood. _Higered.mcgraw-hill_. Retrieved November 28, 2013, http//highered.mcgraw-hill.com.Rougemont-Bucking, A Grivel J. (2013). Risk Perception and Emotional Coping APathway for Behavioral addiction?. European Addiction Research (20.2), 49. (November 28, 2013) from Proquest on the World Wide Web http//proquest.umi.com/pdqweb

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Culture of Australia Essay Example for Free

Culture of Australia EssayThe question of identity is always a difficult one for those liveliness in a finale or convocation, yet belonging to another. This difficulty frequently remains in the mind of most immigrants, especially the second generations who were born in a country other than their parents. young generations feel as if they are forced to change to sufficient the social standards despite previous culture or group. Furthermore those who wish to adopt a spick-and-span identity of a group or culture havent yet been fully accepted by original members due to their former identity. Living with a different culture to our roots bum lead to changes in our lives.Migrating to Australia has affected a lot of authors from Alice Pungs vignettes of ontogenesis up Asian in Australia. Michelle Law dis symbolizes her exclusion from the Australian culture by preparing exotic lunches with her mother, as well as her hairless Chinese body compared to the school girls. Being seen a s a pellucid outsider to the Australian culture can influence one to change their way of life to rival in and form friendships. Sunil an Indian schoolboy was faced with the choice of constantly being bullied over his differences or adapting to the confederation by altering his name to Neil.Changing for others an lose your place in your original identity and culture. afterwards visiting Hong Kong, Michelle momentarily feels identical to her surroundings with her Chinese ethnicity. After mispronouncing words when ordering at a Cantonese Mc Donalds, Michelle comes to realise that she feels just as excluded in Hong Kong as she did in Australia. This sense of displacement caused by multiple cultures can question Michelles judgement, Am I more Asian or more Australian? The feeling of not rivalting in can lead us to changes in our life to see to it social standards despite our previous culture or way of life.Alice Pung addresses the idea of multiculturalism in her novel agricultura l Gem. Two of the themes in this novel where she portrays her culture are through personal identity and the impact of the quondam(prenominal). A major influence on Alices identity was when she was a young child and her grandmother would tell her stories active events that occurred in Cambodia. In Alices teen date years, her beloved grandmother has a stroke, developed disabilities and eventually had passed away. It is around this eon where serious psychological problems occur for Alice.This almost forces her into a mental state in which she knows she does not fit in with the Australian culture. She believed she had to do everything she could to change that otherwise Alice knew she would break down mentally. Alice was forced to attempt to fit the social standards of Australia. The actions of adopting a new identity by putting yourself into a different group can lead to not only the new group not fully accepting you but similarly your original group will see you as a totally differ ent person.At the age of 13 I played basketball for the under 14s side. We were all very close and had formed spectacular friendships throughout the season. The following season I was asked to play above my age group. Without thinking twice I accepted what I thought was a great opportunity. A few mean solar days pasted and it was the day of my first training session with the older group. Throughout the 2 hours of training I did not respect myself at all. No one would pass me the ball and it was as if they didnt want me there.To be honest I didnt want to be there neither. I decided to return to my own age group and play with my old friend. At the next training session with my original team I realized the resembling thing was happening, no one would pass me the ball or even acknowledge that I was on the court. It turns out I had changed as a person and found myself caught between the two teams. The moral of that endure was by trying to fit in with a new group I found that I had l ost my original identity and forgot where I belong.There are a variety of scenarios that result in us trying to change. Whether it is a result of a different culture or even past experiences. People also feel as if they are forced upon change, and even if you find yourself with a new identity or culture, you may not be fully accepted by original members of that group or culture. The power of a group however is often the cause of losing our individual identity. In close the question remains of whether Change of an identity is right or wrong?

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A League of Their Own Essay Example for Free

A League of Their Own EssayThe video begins with the com handscement of the second world war and female baseb completely players are drafted into the All American Girls baseball League, in the attempt to save the cheer. With the induction of this league, the girls obtained the lay on the line to show how women deserve an equal chance in sports, an opportunity to show their hard work and perseverance, and free themselves from the clutches of lower class life through with(predicate) success in the sport.The value of family was portrayed throughout the film and became a top priority for approximately of the players. In achieving a spot on a team the girls also had to conform to the rules and requirements that the owners of the league were demanding. To happen this league the popularity it needed, the girls needed to work hard to be the leagues top players in every team. They all acquired the chance to go to training camps and try out for teams that would be laid into the lea gue.The amount of work they displayed to get placed on the team showed that they wanted to earn the respect of the country and show that women could do more than in force(p) care for kids or be in charge of the kitchen. They worked extremely hard to show that women could play the sport as easily as men could. For example, this hardworking value was best portrayed by Kit, sensation of the individuals who played for the league. She got her sister to play because that was the only way they would take her and she did not want to stay on a farm for the rest of her life.Her persistent attitude helped her reach her goal and she became one of the top players of her prison term just like her sister. The family values are expressed greatly throughout the film by all the characters, but particularly by Dotti. Many of the women on the team had spouses in the army or top home. Dotti was the protagonist who was a girl with beauty and love of the sport like no other girl. What was antithetic about her, besides being extremely skillful in the sport and never having a no-count game, was that in her mind she was only playing while her conserve was in the war.She loved the game, but her husband and family were always more important for her. The conflict between winning and her sisters loyalty terminate with her realizing that being friends with her sister was far more important than winning or playing in a baseball league. The women dealt with external conformity within the league because of the rules and regulations that the owners had placed on apparel and style of play. The women were necessitate to wear a skirt outfit and makeup while they were playing.They were all forced to take etiquette classes and jibe how to act like ladies. The women were upset with this because they had joined the league to play the sport they loved not to go out on the field and model for the fans. This movie was used to display that women were not inferior to men and to show how the game of baseball was used as more than publicity. The hard work and perseverance gave women in the united states a sense of hope and desire to succeed in a male dominated world.

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The Life of the Buddha Essay Example for Free

The Life of the Buddha Essay marvel 1- Select, describe and explain the events in the breeding of Siddhartha Gautama, which expand his spectral developmentThere are generally many events in the life of Siddhartha Gautama, which illustrate his apparitional development, merely personally, I have planned to human face at specific events very carefully.It can be said that the events contained specifically within the past lives of Siddhartha Guatama illustrate his religious development. There are, roughly evidently, the Jataka tales of the Pali Canon, which are supposedly stories of his actual rebirths. First of all, there is a most fundamental event, which occurs at around 100,000,000 aeons ago, where Dipuncena makes the crucial Bodhissatva vow to devote a life for the help of others. Now, after(prenominal) this, we see many stories of compassionate actions done by the 547 reincarnations of Dipuncena in the form of animal, god, and man. For example, one is the courageous m yth of Prince Vessantra, who gives up everything that he owns, even his wife and children discover of compassion.The fact that he did this, giving everything and not expecting anything in return, portrays Dana, which is the idea of charity, and is a fundamental quality that is essential to be on the demeanor to the Bodhissatva Path. There is as well as the story of the young prince, who slits his own throat in order for a starving tigress with seven starved cubs, might live by eating his own flesh1. In terms of religious development, this is clearly showing the Bodhisattva Concept as it is displaying extreme compassion, or Karuna. A clear favourite, is of the loving, and righteous monkey king, and how he, by bridging himself, salve his dude monkeys, but died while being bridged.This shows the Bodhisattva Concept again as he died to save his fellow monkeys and therefore delayed his enlightenment to help others. He developed the religious virtue of patience (Kshanti) as an asc etic in a previous life where he felt no hatred, only pity, for the worthless king who cut his body into pieces, bit by bit. These stories all exemplify how the Bodhisattva developed all the qualities and characteristics of soul on the Bodhissatva path (according to Mahayana), and also, it shows the Bodhissatva concept, as his own enlightenment is delayed purely for the sake of others enlightenment, but on the other hand, he religiously develops himself to bring his spirit and mind even closer to attaining the ultimate enlightenment, and fulfilment of his vow.The most obvious and clear event, which shows his religious development, is the four sights. Here, upon leaving the palace with a charioteer, he sees an senior man, a sick man, a dead man, and a holy man. Certainly in the first three, he realises that everyone grows old, everyone may face disease and everyone has to die. This is actually very moving for Siddhartha Gautama, as it increases his religious, and therefore Buddhis t development, but more importantly, his awareness of life. However, a deeper analysis of his situation concludes that this impact of shock was even more penetrating, as his father had shielded Siddhartha from the natures of hapless. These sights he sees at the age of 29 while riding with his charioteer set him thought process about the issues now central to Buddhism (key to religious development) which lead him to realise that there is no release from suffering. subsequently this critical and indeed, pivotal moment, Siddhartha could now no longer enjoy any of the luxuries which had been set out for him, as he was conscious of the fact that none of these could save him from age, disease, or even death. However, he finally sees the twenty-five percent sight, the holy man, i.e a person truly devoted to spirituality. Now, this consequently leads him to decide that he too, can go and seek after the unborn, unageing, unailing, deathless, sorrowless, undefiled supreme surceases of bond age, nibbana2. So, he decided that he too would leave radix to seek a cure for the worlds suffering3. He had felt so uneasy about human suffering that he thought by becoming an ascetic he would understand and comprehend everything there is. and then it can be said that these sights led him straight onto the path of religious development, and especially on the route to understanding Dukkha (all life is suffering).One of the most evident parts of Siddhartha Gautamas religious development, was when he was enlightened. After receiving an alms bowl, Siddhartha Gautama left field the hardship, and arduousness of the ascetic life. Upon doing this however, he left himself with no friends from his past, but nevertheless, was strongly assured by what he was doing, since he had evidently found the middle way (the reality between luxury and poverty). Hence this was because he had discovered neither had given him real satisfaction.4 Now, in spite of this departure, Siddhatha was determined to reach enlightenment, in such(prenominal) a way, that he sat under a Bodhi tree (pipal tree) determined to sit until he had reached godlike reality and knowledge. As he sat in a meditative state, Mara tried to bewilder him away with his temptations, however they were futile and seemed to reflect of Siddhartha, since he had such a strong concentration and purpose to fulfil his aim.Mara even tried to deny him the right to be enlightened, but yet again, Siddhartha called upon the undercoat goddess as witness, and eventually, upon realisation that Siddhatha would not be beaten, Mara backed down. Then the real enlightenment took blot, in the form of the four toleratees. The first watch began with Siddhartha recalling past lives with unbelievable detail and understanding. The second watch took place with Siddhartha watching people and animals passing into and out of existence, and crucially at this picture realising constant change.The third watch was the realisation that all suffer ing is caused by a constant continual cycle of craving, and realised the way to overcome suffering. Finally, he was enlightened and blessed with Nibbana and showered with supreme knowledge and understanding, beyond belief. This represents his huge step into the known, and into the aspects of life in which we do not understand. This was all the result of determination, and specifically effort to fulfil the Bodhisattva vow, and was the final bank vault of the Bodhisattva Path, and after enlightenment, the BUDDHA could now teach, and help others more supremely than ever before.After a life of duty and sincerity of teaching, the life of Siddhartha Gautama, had come to an end. His death marked the end of religious development for him. He died at Kushinara at the age of 80 from food poisoning, and his last, and severely crucial, words, were , remember, all things are subject to decay, so be mindful and vigilant in working out your own salvation 5. Here he sends out his message, that all things are subject to change, even him. He died in an obscure place which shows his humility and proneness for people to listen to his message rather to make a fuss about his person.6 The main point though, is that the Buddha didnt want to increase fame, or celebrity status, he only wanted people to care for him for what he did.He subtly died while in the jhana of venture, and this critically shows the extreme emphasis on the fact that he was not a god, but a man, and even he would eventually die. His death, is extremely significant, and specifically illustrates his religious development, as it represents him entering parinibbana, and enlightenment beyond death. So, hence, consequently, an escape of Samsara (cycle of rebirth) occurs, and he has obtained total bliss. As a religious teacher, here he had reiterated and emphasised one of his most important teachings, and died in the highest form of concentration and meditation there is. Overall, at this point, religiously, he had rea ched the highest place and thus, the peak of his religious development.1 Denise Cush Buddhism (1994) pp 252 Denise Cush Buddhism (1994) pp 203 S. Clark M. Thompson Buddhism a New Approach London, Hodder and Stoughton 1996, p104 S. Clark M. Thompson Buddhism a New Approach London, Hodder and Stoughton 1996, p115 Denise Cush Buddhism (1994) pp 256 Denise Cush Buddhism London, Hodder and Stoughton 1995, page 23

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Interrelationship between Psychology and Biology Essay Example for Free

Interrelationship among psychological science and Biology EssayOf late Psychologists have shown a keen interest in Biology, which even forthwith is considered a completely different discipline of study by many. However the fact is that both these disciplines ar interconnected. Sickness of the mind affects body and vice versa.According to Nidamboor, Stress, depression, and other psychological factors make us conquerable to many diseases. This is so because the relation between mind and health is balanced not only by our own behavior but also by our biological connections. There are links between our brain and the immune system, which sometimes work in opposite directions. (para. 5) As a result if we are suffering from a biological disease then it affects are behavior, emotions and interactions with others.In order to get to the crux of behavioral problems it is very important for the psychologists to have a fair idea of the biological history of a person. This approach woul d positively affect the diagnosis and the psychological treatmments that an individual is undergoing.Psychological problems like anxiety disorders, reputation disorders, depressive disorders and behavioral disorders have their roots in the biological problems that one is facing. For example if a person is incapacitate he might suffer from bouts of depression due to his inability to be normal as others. as well if a person is too fat or too thin then too his stimulated well being is affected by his biological body structure. He might indulge in inappropriate eating behaviors and might suffer from a feeling of worthlessness and low self esteem. because it is extremely imperative for psychologists to get thorough knowledge about a clients posture of biological wellbeing. Since there is an extraordinary link between our minds and bodies imbalance of either would affect the other and maybe this is why psychologists are so concerned with biology.ReferencesNidamboor, R. (2009). How p sychology affects biology. Retrieved April 25, 2009 from http//www.mydigitalfc.com/2009/how-psychology-affects-biology

Inhibitor Improves Learning Essay Example for Free

Inhibitor Improves Learning EssayThe member is entitled, Peripheral Deli genuinely of a ROCK Inhibitor Improves Learning and Working Memory. Title of the journal the expression was produce in and date published This article was published in the journal entitled Behavioral Neuroscience in February 2009. The journal is published by the American Psychological Association. Describe the topic and the experiment conducted. What did they do? The article noned that in related studies, the RhoA/ROCK/Rac pathway is involved in the cognitive processes. Thus, they postulated that if this pathway could be inhibited, learning and fund can be enhanced. The article explained that fasudil has been used in experiments for the preaching of vasospasm and angina unless not for learning and store. Hydroxyfasudil is an active metabolite of fasudil. The show subjects were 27 rats who were 17 months old and 18 months old at the time of actual behavioral testing. Specific tout ensembley, the stud y used Fischer-344 male rats who were bred at the aging colony of the bailiwick Institute on Aging at Harlan Laboratories (Indianapolis, IN). All the rats were acclimatized before the actual experiment according to IACUC standards and either the procedure done were with the approval of the local IACUC committee.NIH standards were followed. The study was done in Arizona State University. The study grouped the rats into three experimental groups. The first group of rats received saline and was labeled as the time-worn vehicle group. The second group received 0. 1875 mg hydroxyfasudil and was labeled as the senior(a) low dose group. The third group received 0. 3750 mg hydroxyfasudil and was labeled as the aged high dose group. Of the 27 rats, nine belonged to the aged vehicle group, other nine rats in the aged low dose group, and another nine rats in the aged high dose group.Since hydroxyfasudil has a half-life of around 5-7 hours in humans, the drugs were all administered in th e morning before behavior testing was done. All injections were given by subcutaneous injection at the scruff of the neck of the rat. All experimenters who performed the behavioral testing and succeeding dissections of the rats brains were blind to the respective treatment groups of the rats. The behavioral testing used the Water Radial Arm Maze to test working and book of facts memory, and the Spatial Reference Memory Morris Maze to test for spatial learning and memory.The performance of the rats in these 2 mazes were compared and used as basis as to whether cognitive functions were enhanced or not with the administration of hydroxyfasudil. retell the most important results. What did they find and what does that mean? 4 pts The results of the behavioral testing done using the water supply radial-arm maze, the aged high dose group was superior in all measures evaluated learning index scores for total errors, working memory correct errors, and working memory incorrect errors. B etter learning was indicated by having a higher learning index. Aged high dose group showed better learning on all three measures. The groups learning index when compared to the aged vehicle group was significantly higher. As for the aged low dose group, it still had a higher learning index when compared to the aged vehicle group and only marginally for the working memory incorrect errors. For the other cardinal measures, the group still had a higher learning index but no longer marginally, but intermediate between the aged high dose and aged vehicle groups suggesting that the relationship may be dose-dependent.Another important result noted was that hydroxyfasudil did not significantly alter spatial reference memory performance in either maze. 5) What implications do these results have for future research? What should they belief at contiguous? The implications of study would mean that if hydroxyfasudil can inhibit events that influence cognition, the next step would be to con firm this in result in a larger number of mice or even in rabbits. They should also look into the side effectuate of hydroxyfasudil and a good start would be to look for the same side effects found in its parent compound which is also being currently studied. ) Does this study reveal anything that could be useful to society (the general population, not science), and if so, what is it? This study showed that if hydroxyfasudil does improve cognitive function by alter spatial learning and memory, then science has found another practicable answer to age-related or neurodegenerative-related memory dysfunction.To put it simply, hydroxyfasudil, if safe and effective in improving spatial learning and memory, will help patients who scram from age-related or neurodegenerative-related memory dysfunction. ) What are some possible confounds or errors that this study should have controlled for, but did not? Essentially, what would make this a better study? In my opinion, this study was a good one with very negligible confounders. One thing that might have made the study better though was the possible side effects of hydroxyfasudil on the short term and also long term. 8) What did you learn that you did not roll in the hay before? What did you find most interesting?I found that fact that such a drug as hydroxyfasudil being a possible treatment for those suffering from age-related memory dysfunction, fascinating. I did not agnize this until I read this article. If it is indeed a possible cure, many people all over the adult male would live a better life in their advanced age since their memory will litigate them better and they will depend less on their children and thus, have a less likely opportunity of being placed in homes just because families have difficulty caring for them.

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Mindfulness Worksheet Essay Example for Free

Mindfulness Worksheet EssayPlease use the information from your mindfulness confabulation to complete this worksheet. Submit this worksheet in the Module 1 Assignment 3 Dropbox no later than solar day 7 of Module 1. Include vocabulary and concepts from your reading and course site to support and illustrate your give birth insights. In preparation for the papers youll write later in this course, take the time to organize your thoughts for separately question and write clearly. Completed worksheet should be not more than three pages.1. Describe who you had the dialogue with and where. only when disclose what you ar comfortable with. You can use initials or code names. I had this mindfulness conversation with a friend Ive had for a long time. I had the conversation at my house on the front porch.2. How easy/hard did you find it to be mindful? Why? I find it precise easy to be mindful this time one reason being that me and him knew apiece other since we were 12 and we conn ect like brothers and have a lot in common thats why I can be so mindful to him.3. What did you notice during the moments when you were able to be mindful? How were you feeling? I noticed while being mindful that we have so much in common and we overlap so many memorys for so many years. I felt very good listening to him because we are so close and it felt good to listen to what he had to say at those moments.4. How did mindlessness some(prenominal) yours and the other persons show up in the conversation? What affect did it have? Our mindfulness showed mine at first because I was only listening to him then him to me. It affected us by letting us know we can both be mindful and listen and learn from each other.5. What 2-3 things did you learn near mindfulness? I learned that when you listen to someone they can teach you something everyone has a different perspective and view and deserve to be listened to. Next I learned that when you stop and be mindful to someone they go forth in return most likely be mindful to you.6. What would abet you be more mindful in your life? Identify 2 actions (i.e. new behaviors you can practice). How will these actions improve your interpersonal effectiveness? One thing that would help me be more mindful would be to learn about that person find out what we got in common and listen to them and then come apart them what we have in common and share that with them. If I did this more often then I would by all odds improve my interpersonal effectiveness because when you are more mindful then people will do the same to you and when people are mindful to each other then they will get on better and can teach each other more things about each other and about life in general.