Friday, June 21, 2019

Critical Thinking And Decision Making Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Critical Thinking And Decision Making - Essay employmentThe way my nan narrated her story allowed me to catch a glimpse of her past, which somehow reflected the pathos of the speech. Its difficult to separate my emotional attachment with her and the pathos of her story, save I remember not feeling any form of pain or suffering from her speech what I felt was sympathy. The logos, meanwhile, consisted of some information more or less the past and present states of education in the country. It was not widely different from what I had seen on books, newspapers, and news programs. She presented generally accepted truths about education rather of making logical connections among different premises.The speech had strengths and possessed several areas which can be improved. The main rhetorical component which made the speech persuasive was the ethos. My grandmother lives a very successful life which mirrors her values and beliefs about education. In addition, our emotional connection hi ghlighted the otherwise absent pathos in the speech. My grandmother did not express any form of emotional appeal but I subtly sympathized with her experience. I think the logos could have functioned better if my grandmother force logical conclusions from her experience with good education. A dramatic experience, meanwhile, could have firmly established the pathos of the speech.Assessing my grandmothers speech improved my understanding of the terce rhetorical components. A speech can be persuasive even if it stands on only one component (i.e. ethos in the case of my grandmother) but it would be more effective if it draws on the strengths of the other two components. I also realized that pathos need not be established as prospicient as the speaker is emotionally connected with the

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