Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Research about social Impact of Flooding, Building regulation of Case Study

Research about social Impact of Flooding, Building regulation of flooding at Kings Lynn in the UK - Case Study Example17).As a result, Colonel John Armstrong surveyed the river in 1724 and suggested for the construction of drainage works. However, John Smeaton opposed this idea suggesting that it was important for banks to be moved inwards in order to create a narrower and fast-flowing channel.The eastern part of the England Region, which is among the largest English regions, has a population of about 5.5 million people. It stretches from the northern fringe of London to the northern part of Norfolk coast. The region is includes counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge shire, Hertford shire and Bedfordshire. The eastern of England Regional Assembly (EERA) has the primary responsibility for the spatial planning mainly at the regional level (Gardine & Matthews, 2002, p. 21).Housing development forms the main component of urban development as well as house allocation forecasts. The allo cation forecasts be for local planning authorities and sub regions. The forecasts give an indication of argonas that are likely to be hit by floods. These are likely to be constraint to growth but where there is large scale urban development, the floods are likely to cause an adverse effect.The coastal towns in Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Essex are battered when the sea waters surge into the streets. As a result, the floods cause devastating effectuate on people living in these areas. Emergency services always struggle to cope and many residents are displaced and forced to spend nights on rooftops as they await rescue. In addition, as the sea level rises, the lower part of Thames estuary is always at risk of flooding. Consequently, housing, industry and farmland are destroyed (Gardine & Matthews, 2002, p. 24).The floods rescue caused serious financial damage to people living in this are. Many houses and other property costing millions of euros are always destroyed in a sin gle flood. For example, in the 2009 flood, it destroyed over a hundred buildings in Norfolk and Essex. These

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