Saturday, April 27, 2019

Internet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Internet - try ExampleThe living standards of the public increased a lot as a result of the asylum of net. Nobody has any doubt about the contributions of internet in enhancing communication. No other medium is unfastened of communicating with people as quickly as internet does. Social networking services like facebook, myspace, orkut etc be helping the people to share selective information blinkly and effectively in a virtual world. When it comes to hour communication, internet always gets priority over other channels of communication. Communication is an area in which internet brought revolutionary changes in the society. Earlier, patsy sources, television, radio etc were the prominent media of communication in the society. However, these media are incapable of delivering instant information to the public as internet does. Newspapers and televisions require enough time to collect news, edit it, and print/transmit it to the readers/viewers. On the other hand, internet is c apable of delivering the news instantly to the public. ... The difficulties and problems associated in locating particular proposition information in newspapers or printed sources have been eliminated with the design of electronic media like internet. It is easy for the readers to eliminate outcaste information quickly so that they can concentrate much only on the specific information they were searching for while using internet. It is a fact that most of the newspapers contain large number of advertisements and the recovery of specific information from newspaper is difficult. Internet provides answer to such messed up reading styles it helps the readers to avoid unclaimed things instantly and to locate the required information instantly. The enhancement of communication using internet resulted in the instruction of new life styles in the society. Earlier, people visit the ho habituates of their friends and relatives to exchange their regards and greetings. Now all such things are happening in the virtual world. For sending, birth day greetings, wedding invitations and greetings etc people are making use of internet. It is a fact that virtual socializing gives enough flexibility in sending greetings and conveying ideas. The introduction of internet and the subsequent development of social networking services helped the people to increase their virtual socializing activities to a greater extent than their real face to face socializing activities. It is possible to transport with anybody through internet even when a person travels from one place to another. Audio and video conferencing facilities provided by internet help people to communicate with others just like a face to face meeting. The mobile workforce requires people to travel more frequently for work, leaving friends and family behind, and

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