Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Applying Leadership Styles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Applying Leadership Styles - Essay Exampleiated by the leadership of orchard apple tree involve Tim Cook as the new Chief Executive Officer (chief operating officer) and also inspiring employees to work with progressive ideas along with rewarding the employees for penury. Additionally, previous CEO and charismatic leader of Apple, Steve Jobs shared the vision of launching jail cell phone in the market besides the computers and motivated the employees to follow his vision (Docstoc, 2012).Generally, there are iii styles of leadership namely transactional, transformational and situational leadership styles. Transactional leadership style can be defined as a style of a leader with which he/she promotes acquiescence of the employees with rewards and punishes according to their performances along with focusing on either operation and activity of the organization. In other words, transactional leadership style is also known as managerial leadership style (Dibley, 2009). With due consi deration to this aspect, it can be stated that a leader sideline this style might desire to promote innovation in the organizational operational processes by cellular inclusion of promotions and rewards to obtain best out of the employees.Similarly, it is observed that Apples leaders considered this style into its operational process. Apples management led by Steve Jobs prudently considered the inclusion of Tim Cook as the new CEO to lead Apple to further growth and prosperity (Docstoc, 2012).Transformational leadership style can be class as the quality of a leader who changes the state of mind according to the organizational requirements through actuate and implementing various mechanisms, further which also helps the employees to enhance their performances. The roles performed under this style include idealized influence, inspirational motivation and intellectual stimulation. Moreover, idealized influence can be stated as the manager who is identified to be the best in his/her abilities to guide and to respond to the employees requirements.

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