Saturday, April 20, 2019

Tourism and the Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Tourism and the Media - Essay Example25 pct of animals showed antibody evidence of infection (CDC, 2006). Swine flu is the viral disorder which affects pigs. It is also considered as a severe respiratory disease which destroys entire the respiratory system of pigs. According to World Health Organisation, morbidity tends to be broad(prenominal) and mortality low in pigs. This means that the virus spreads rapidly and kills one to four percent of its victims. The impudently H1N1 virus has genetic elements of North American swine flu and avian flu. This new strain of swine flu is non affecting pigs. The symptoms which arise in Swine flu are fever, cough, muscle pain as well as extreme tiredness along with diarrhoea (The Sunday Times, 2009). The name swine flu was referred because from the testing it was detected that some(prenominal) genes were related to that of flu viruses that existed in the pig in North America. However, later it was tested that this virus is polar from the N orth American pigs virus. This virus possessed two genes one from flu virus of pig in Europe and Asia and other gene from influenza virus in human and birds (Johnson, 2009). The virus of Swine flu is ceaselessly changing as other influenza viruses. The influenza virus from different species affects pigs and as a allow for the viruses swap genes which results in emergence of new virus. The H1N1 virus causes illness to human in several countries. This virus is a generic combination of various viruses from pigs, human and birds. This recent concept of virus becomes challenging for close of the passels immune system in order to fight against this virus (Toucan ED, n.d.). The name Swine flu is given to a current strain of influenza or flu that was affecting the human lives.... This idea approves that it was found that the people were much related to the newspaper and social sites regarding such outbreak of epidemic disease in their country. Thus, it can be recommended that the peopl e in order to get complete and viable knowledge regarding such deadly disease and their protection instead of consulting this confusing media and sites, requires proper consultation from medical person. The people must judge properly before visiting any place during this time. As there was globular attack of this disease, the restriction was developed only for Mexico and the US thus the tourists cancelled their trip only to these places but other places remained unrestricted. The people visited other countries as there was no restriction from the media but did not go to Mexico.This essay makes a conclusion that with reference to the above observation, it was observed that the whole world was affected extensively by the pandemic disease named as Swine flu. Along with all the countries, the US and Mexico faced huge challenges and difficulties during this issue of outbreak. The countries were suffering from economic slowdown as the major business sector of the country was in massi ve loss. The touristry industry as considered as the major revenue outcome of Mexico was declining its business growth. Along with the tourism industries and related business, the hotel industrys growth also slowed down. Various luxury hotels in Mexico remained unoccupied as the number of visitors postponed their trip to Mexico. The airline industry was in economic hardship because the numbers of flights in Mexico were reduced.

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