Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Essay --

During my 3 years at Hindustan Petroleum breadbasket Limited (HPCL) as a Maintenance Planning engineer, I voteless mean and organizing. Working for a multi-billion dollar enterprise, I saw the do of operational efficiencies on the balance sheet. This relevant exposure has shaped my conclusiveness to pursue a career in Industrial Engineering, a bailiwick that strives to increase productivity and efficiencies by systematic study and innovation.Working at HPCLs 7.6MMTPA refinery, I was a part of the team that ensured that all units were keep well to operate at optimal capacity, round the clock. I was prudent for preparing schedules and planning for the men, machinery and material for maintenance activities. It was in this role that I experient firsthand, the need and applicability of scientifically managed and optimized wait ones in the perseverance.During an outage of the Fluidized Catalytic Cracking building block (FCCU), a faulty spare gasket had kept the start-up of the unit on hold. I was chosen to procure the replacement, for which I had to fly 500 miles on a moments notice, having to manage the gasket as my luggage. This trip was satisfying, not just because it brought down the potential loss margins from $250,000 to $70,000, but because I learnt the importance of judicious planning in extenuating losses. After this, I led a 4 person team to catalogue and update equipment spare parts in a database. With lessons learnt during the previous outage, I compiled a checklist that leverages the database to streamline and double-check the material planning process, reducing the probability of a last-minute emergency.28 months and 7 study unit shutdowns later, in January 2013, I was made team-lead for planning a revamp of a Crude h... ...nt of pursuing graduate studies is to enhance my existing intimacy and skills, so that I can realize my vision of unlocking the potential of process optimization in small and medium scale enterprises in nations w ith ontogenesis economies such as India. For now, though, my focus is on garnering specialized knowledge and skills and furthering my industry experience. UC-B is a college with professional expertise like no other. Being a part of the Graduate community at UC-B with their collaborative inter-cultural community go away help develop my personality. The teaching approach at UC-B of encouraging by challenge is ideal for a passionate learner like me. With a hope that you will find the potent combination of talent and intent in me as something that will add value to the legacy of UC-B, I am looking forward to be a part of the regard UC-B graduate community.

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