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tragoed Free Essay: Oedipus the King (Oedipus Rex) as a Greek Tragedy :: Oedipus the King Oedipus Rex

Oedipus the King as a classical Tragedy The Greek tragedy, Oedipus the King, written by Sophocles (496-406 B.C.), adheres to Aristotles (384-322 B.C.) definition of a tragedy. The first criterion of a Greek tragedy is that the protagonist be a good psyche doubly blessed with a good heart and noble intention. Sophocles reveals straightaway at the start of the play that Oedipus is such a man. As is customary in the Greek tragedy Oedipus is likewise an aristocrat. Born of the King and butt of Thebes he is of true nobility. Oedipus on the other-hand believes his parents are the King and Queen of Corinth. Oedipus was abandoned as a baby and adopted by them. Because that information is cognise to the audience, and not to Oedipus prior to the start of the play, it is a thoroughgoing(a) example of tragic irony because when he declares that he will find the murderer he is the man that he pursues. Here he is told by Tiresias, I declare you are the murderer you hunt (1235). The autho rship of Oedipus the King is not clear-cut. The theme in this tragic play seems to be you cant extend your fate. Contentment leads to ignorance as Oedipus lends fate a hand in his bitterness end. This trait is touched-on in these lines spoken by Creon. Look at you, persistent in yielding, brutal in your rage- youll go too far. Its perfect justice natures like yours are hardest on themselves(Sophocles 1242-1243). Oedipus is a true submarine sandwich in the Greek tragedy. He has the fate of the community in his transfer along with the noble character to live with care of it himself. He announces his convictions to take this problem into his own hands and do whatever is necessary to scratch the curse. Oedipus addresses the priests assembled before him, You can trust me I am ready to help, Ill do anything (Sophocles 1225). The city has this faith in him and the priest come to spread abroad him so he will help them lift the curse. Now we crave to you. You cannot equal the gods, your children know that...But we do rate you first of men,(1226). He also appears to have Apollos ear, which makes him seem all-powerful to the audience this is another ideal of the classic Greek tragedy. Oedipus told his people, After painful search I nominate one cure I acted at once.

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