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Christopher Pace 3-11-14Research Paper Harriet Tubman was a charr who cared for others and she also was a hero to many blacks. She had an extremely secure life although it redden uptually got break away for Harriet. She was a very lucky and intelligent girl. However, as a small fry growing up, she was small, slow and was picked on because of it. She was able to reserve history even though she was a slave, and for a slave she held her own for a coherent time enduring beatings and whippings. In the life of Harriet Tubman, her childhood was the first prohibition and there were many to follow. She was born in 1820 into the hard life of slavery. quite of her real conjure, she took her mothers name of Harriet. Her real name was Aramintia Harriet Ross and her soubriquet was Minty. Her childhood was hard having eight siblings besides her. She had thre e sisters sold to plantations intimately Alabama. This was also hard because she was a Christian and was supposed to forgive stack for wronging her. Harriet lived in Alabama which was a very hostile slave conjure in the s come appear of the closeth. She was also lucky to have two parents. Harriet Tubmans induces name was Binate Ross and her mothers name was Harriet. She became the youngest aft(prenominal) her younger brother died. She was a very rebellious girl and even started a rebellion by throwing a stone at the overseer, for which she was punished by acquiring whipped. Her consequences were getting whipped for hours on end. She had one very hard childhood and every night she had nightmares of the horrifying treatments she was given for doing something wrong out on the farms. She wasPace 2a tough girl becau... ...ved became to the full bound citizens of the join States of America. The greatest known achievement for Harriet Tubman was her escape out of slav ery. This gave other blacks courage and hopes to stand up for each other too. other achievement was when she was able to accept that her husband left her for another woman during her quest to save slaves. It took great courage to continue the work of dismission slaves after her husband married another woman. Harriet also earned the name of conductor of the great Underground Railroad. There were many achievements she had like getting married, escaping slavery, helping others through the Underground Railroad and teaching children. She made a huge mark in the history Pace 4of the United States and for black Americans. The main thing that she tried to accomplish during her life was to make the rest of the blacks free.

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