Thursday, August 8, 2019

Can Crusher Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Can Crusher - Essay Example This essay discusses about the uses, design and feature of different can crushers available. â€Å"Use of can crushers help food and beverage or other organizations to crush the cans for several peruses, such as easy to recycle, reducing business operation cost, saving space and maintain environmental sustainability†. The main use of a can crusher is to recycle used cans in a proper way so that there can be less pollution and expenses of manufacture of cans can be lowered. A can crusher is a simple device that is used for crushing of cans (Wisegeek 1). It is used widely because it saves time and helps in lowering costs that are required for production of fresh cans available in market. Industries prefer large hydraulic can crushers because it can easily crush many cans in a short period of time which in turn can be melted so that there could be large production of fresh cans with lesser purchase of raw materials. The time saving feature is the most important fact and because of this feature its use in the industries is up to an optimum level. Moreover for industrial purposes the can crushers that are appreciated should consist less space. Now a days there are many crushers available in the market that are technologically advanced and they work efficiently with minimum space possible. Most of the can crushers used in the modern world are self-loading (Stewart 699). These crushers consists of a basket which are placed at the top of the crusher, it also consists of a lever that is pulled so that the device can start crushing the cans. There is also a stopper placed at the bottom of the basket which allows cans to drop automatically up to a certain level that the device can intake for working. For lowering down the friction that is caused by the device lubricant is used so that the shape of the cans can be changed properly. The first crusher was invented and built by Jesse Wright

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