Friday, August 9, 2019

APPRAISE PERFORMANCE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

APPRAISE PERFORMANCE - Essay Example When only one person is involved in the process, the risks of low objectivity and errors may compromise the delivery of good appraisal report. When many people are involved, these risks are spread out and accuracy is consequently increased. According to Jackson and Mathis (349), there are several errors that may arise in the process of performance appraisal, where the rating system is subjected to flaws. Some of these errors include application of varying errors, recency and primary effects, central tendency as well as stringency. The author explains that the effects of these errors to the final report are usually biased information on the performance of the employee. A more comprehensive report is obtained by use of different modes to avoid these errors as much as possible. Perhaps, understanding the nature of the type of appraisal done by each of the above stated individuals could bring the topic of appraisal near to clarity. An appraisal done by managers on their juniors is a common mode of carrying out performance evaluation. Despite there being a general reluctance from the managers to carry out routine appraisals on their juniors, it is still the most appropriate mode for many organizations. One of the reasons why managers heavily criticize this type of appraisal is due to the fact observed above in that one person inadequacy still affects them. Alternatively, managers are employed by organizations to instill improvement through coaching, encouragement, guidance as well as motivation but rarely acting as a judge. Proactive managers always look for ways to improve performance and common notions surrounding the appraisal principle tend to confuse them (Jackson and Mathis, 352). Once completed, managers’ or supervisors’ appraisals need to be reviewed by a manager senior than the one doing the appraisal to give it effect. When it comes to employees themselves, they may be subjected to self assessments to assist managers in extracting

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