Saturday, May 11, 2019

Race and Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Race and Religion - Essay ExampleHe then illustrates the attitude the religious companionship had towards the black population as they were not accepted as Christians. Rather, the community placed the black stack in an environment associated with inferiority and slavery. Furthermore, black people are wrongly associated with the mark of Cain, which was falsely employ to misrepresent these individuals as cursed.Father brownish states that traditionally in Exodus, the Jews would cry and tell their trials and tribulations to God who would have it away down to help them. Brown states that the white American religious denomination also attempted to demand the same culture. However, West Africans had some other approaches when it came to interaction with God. Hence, in this perspective, Brown illustrates the differences that existed in the religious activities of different races. He also illustrates how black West African individuals had to adapt to the western principles of religion . Father Brown also states the variation that existed towards black people even in some rituals in the church. These individuals were prohibited from singing certain songs, which further shows how European Christianity made blacks inferior individuals.The attitude that existed towards the black Catholics at that time made these individuals attend other churches that gave them the possibility to express themselves and feel the Holy Spirit. Brown relates to the fact that individuals from other races such as the Germans during the give ear of the Berlin wall also sang souls which helped them relate with the spirits. This shows the necessity of this element which was denied to the black populations in the earlier times. Brown also relates the oppression that the African Americans endured to the walls of Jericho. He states that the reason individuals during these times related to the song about Jericho was because it resembled the position they were experiencing. The African Americans were

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