Sunday, May 12, 2019

Police Corruption Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Police Corruption - adjudicate ExampleMajority of scholars in the law enforcement field, according to Corley, assert that the acceptance of gratuities is a pitfall that leads to corruption. Corley bases his sorting of corruption on four experts definitions which affirm that corruption entails the act of accepting goods or anything with monetary measure out for performing or failing to perform duties which are a normal part of ones job.1On the separate hand, Corley defines steer as something given without claim or demand (Corley 2005). However, the author contends that it is confounding for the enforcement agents to discern when a gratuity does not come without a claim or demand. Thus, even though law enforcers exercise discretions on accepting presents and gratuities, enforcers should assume that everything comes with a price, based on the supposition that there is no free lunch. The author adds that though these acts of kind-heartedness may not require reciprocity in the prese nt, they may oblige an officer to reciprocate such kindness in the future. In some ways, Corley also admits that there exists people who strive for genuine kindness but individuals involve in the enforcement of law should always presume that everyone wants something in exchange of a yield or gratuity.

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