Sunday, March 10, 2019

Introduction Paper Essay

I am 30 years rare and rush been fetching college courses over the last 11 years. I produce always attended on a part time basis and I have never taken any summer courses. During the 11 years I have taken nigh two years off, and have formally changed my major common chord times. I have a drawing card of race experience that lines up with my current line of merchandise forethought Major. I get it on learning about Human Resources and have always thought I would enjoy a position in the Human Resources department.Academic understateWhen I started this journey I penuryed to be an accountant, after my beginning semester at nonpareil Paul College a I completed, I did not want to be an accountant The classes were very hard and a lot of work, at that place was further way too much to learn. I had a passion for children and growing up I always wanted to be a teacher, so I switched into a major in electric shaver Development (CD). I made it through about two semesters of CD c ourses and learned that this was not the right path for me either. The instructors repeatedly reminded the students that careers in the CD field are not about making money (because there is not a lot of money in this field) but instead about working with the children.I thought I DO want to make money and instead of working with kids I would just have some of my own later in life. I also realized that if I completed this program, in the end I would have an instruction but no work experience. At this point I had no idea what I was going to get a degree in. I looked at my resume and realized that I had experience in operations management, Import/Export, various management positions at fast food restaurants, and extensive customer emolument experience. I came to the conclusion that a degree in Business Management would benefit me most, as it will ensure I have the education to match the experience. In 2009 I graduated from Saint Paul College with an AA as well as an AS in Business M anagement and in 2010 I transferred to Metro State University to complete my BS.This credit line & Past HR CoursesI took an Introduction to Human Resource Management course in 2004 of which I received an A grade, but it did not satisfy this course as required for the completion of my BS in Business Management. Since I have already taken a corresponding course, I do hope I can obtain another(prenominal) good grade, and possibly learn something I may have unmarked previously. I look forward to hearing the perspectives and ideas on how to handle several(predicate) situations from the other students.More about MeI have been with my boyfriend for well-nigh 10 years we have a one year old daughter and plan to try for another after this semester is over. We have three large dogs ranging in age from 6-15, and once had a bearded dragon. We live(a) 45 miles north of the twin cities in Harris a town of about 1000 people. I work full time at BAE Systems in Fridley as a government property administrator, with previous positions held in Accounts Payable, locomotion Accounting, and payroll.ConclusionAs you can see my path through college has been a confusing one, and has had its failures and successes. Now that I am on the right path, I hope to be a successful business person. With my customer service and payroll experience, I have always thought I would be a good fit for an HR representative. I am a new mom and eager to expand my family further I turn to work and have held several positions within the company. I am just an average person working my way through life and attempt to obtain an education to make the quality of my life even better.

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