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'High School and Enrollment Essay\r'

'1. 0 mental institution 1. 1 Background of the demand Now eld the enrolment serviceing is always the toughest time the cultivate day faces every yr. The subject of our reckon is the Silway-8 interior(a) gritty shoal, a public schooltime set at Silway-8 Polomolok, South Cotabato. This school employs 34 t individu altogether(prenominal)yers, 1 psyche and has a disciple population of 1,325 this year. The registration mathematical influence of the school is manual of armsly d unitary, though they have calculator units, they use the calculator only for printing run-of-the-mine reports and for the disciple’s ready reckoner science lab posing.\r\nDuring adjustment the principal assigns one chairman for each year level to handle the enrollment bear on. In use the manual handle of enrollment they find it inviol open to handle such a collection of records. It is a prospicient procedure and time consuming chore particularly in recording, filing and retrieving of savant’s selective tuition. The proponent’s proposed a Computerized enrolment clay that result reduce the surgerying time of enrollment exercise. A dodge that provides a instant(prenominal) and gear up way of storing and retrieving student’s record. 1. 2 Over put on of the on-line(prenominal) State of Techno entery.\r\nThe goal of this analyse aims to bring on a Computerized adjustment body for Silway-8 subject field blue give lessons. This strategy stores information in a faster, arranging of rulesatic and more than convenient way of storing files of the enrollees in a data processor . The work load of the enrollment in-charge ar change magnitude in storing files of each student every directly and thusly. The enrollment procedure of Silway-8 home(a) extravagantly School is done manually. This manual process of enrollment creates difficulties in handling records, comparable storing, securing and retrieving of files. T he processing aspect is time consuming.\r\nThey have hard time descriptorifying students for sectioning and they don’t have back up for their records. Once a record is lost they can non retrieve it. When the school was at one time hit by flash floods all of their records were destroyed. These are the reasons that brought the proponents to contract a Computerized insertment musical arrangement that provide loosening the hassle and burdens of the enrollment in-charge with the manual process. In this study, the use of Visual Basic . Net and Navicat for mySQL selective informationbase leave behind help to improve the efficiency of the enrollment process of Silway-8.\r\n internal tall School. 1. 3 Project able As such, having a computerized Enrollment System would increment the efficiency by reducing human wrongful conduct of recording and filing such records. It would also change magnitude storage area and would provide smooth rile for reference by the administrato r or both personnel if needed. Computerized Enrollment System is design for the benefits of Silway-8 bailiwick High School. It will help the faculty in monitoring the records of the students. Computerized Enrollment System is use to confine the consummation fast, and surgical.\r\nIt can display the records of each student by means of student LRN and all opposite information. Systems trading operations proceed faster, more efficiently and with greater verity than manual enrollment organisation of ruless. This can lessen the work load and provides accurate information needed of the school. As a result, it will benefit not only the student but the administration as a consentaneous. 1. 2 Statement of the occupation 1. 2. 1 General Problem The Silway-8 National High School is currently employ a manual Enrollment System that is ungainly and inefficient monitoring of Enrollment process. 1. 2. 2 specific Problem.\r\nManual procedure of enrollment is time consuming, long pr ocedure and records are not seized. It can be easily damaged and can be updated by unauthorized personnel without permission of the administrator. 1. 2 fair game of the Study 1. 3. 1 General Objectives * To help ease the problem in managing records on enrollment of Silway-8 National High School 1. 3. 2 Specific Objectives * To develop a Computerized Enrollment System to handle and worry student’s records that provides easy huntinging and convalescence of records. * To help the school have a secured information storage for enrollment record.\r\n1. 3 Significance of the Study The significance of this study is to develop a Computerized Enrollment System that will help Silway-8 National High School for a much organized and easy Enrollment System. It will also help secure the data of the school; it will reduce processing time for enrollment since they can easily view the information of the enrollees and print the sort out cite to make out the students who are currently en rolled in the specific year. If respectable in case student fails a subject, through the said corpse they were able to extract accurate student records.\r\nFor the proponents, it will help us to pasture our knowledge and skills in program and dodging schooling as a source of experience. We can indeed be able to train ourselves and practice in the real world of work of our chosen course. This study aims to develop a computerize enrollment clay. With the computerized enrollment systems helps save time for the school and provide faster way on recording trans pull throughs. Through this study the researchers will learn the importance of enrollment system in a business organization. The computerize enrollment system is a big help to cypher the problems that have encountered by the school.\r\n1. 4 Scope and terminal point 1. 5. 1Scope Computerized Enrollment System is intended for Silway-8 National High School and designed to perform the followers: * nominate add, edit, updat e and search information related in enrollment transactions. * It has security approach shot level through log-in forms with different substance abusers. * Can provide class describe for teachers * Can generate reports and prints. * The System is net profit base. 1. 5. 3 Limitations The system cannot be employ for other school activities like: * Clinic transactions, science laboratory and provision room transactions of the school.\r\nThe system does not embarrass transaction like: * accounting * billing * Cashiering * equalisation system * for class and subject scheduling * methodology After a detailed consideration among the members of the assort, the proponents concur to use SDLC or the System festering lifetime Cycle as our methodology for the system that is to be built. One advantage of victimisation SDLC is it can outlet to its preceding cast in case of errors at all of its stages. The SDLC is the process of creating or ever-changing systems, models and methodolo gies that is used to develop the system.\r\nThe idea generally refers to computer information system. The phases of SDLC are shown below. PLANNING ANALYSIS convention implementation MAINTENANCE Figure: 2. 0 System Development Life Cycles cooking mannequin In this phase, the proponents starts to search where the manual evaluation of the process takes place like gathering data through conducting interviews and gather virtually necessary sample reports to the school and then the free radical planned to divide the work load to each member. In this phase the project duration and mensurate was identified to accompany with a project that is achievable.\r\ndepth psychology Phase The proponents start to gather information to come up with a solution for the problem of the company. Analyzing the process of evaluation by considering the actual evaluation and determination out what the evaluation takes, and build a but flexible, efficient and appropriate system for the improvement of the manual system.\r\nThe proponents will also identify the requirements that are required in structuring the new system, and how it will improve the transaction world done by the company. Design Phase During this phase, the proponents started to build the system’s interface of the whole system using the information being gathered.\r\nThe features and functions of the system are individual built to answer the problems and to comply the necessary requirements. The proponents used Visual Basic. Net programming language and MySQL as backed for the said system. executing Phase In preparation for implementation, the necessary data for the execution of the system will be cool from respective sources, i. e. the registrar. These data will then be uploaded to the server here it will be import into the system. Prior to formal launch or deployment, the system will be tested to confirm the availableness of the imported data.\r\n forethought Phase packet Maintenance is a process of c hanging a system after it has been delivered and in use. After the bundle is being delivered, changes may occur because of errors have been encountered. 3. 0 data Gathering Procedures & Output The proponents conducted a conference discussion to identify which company we should choose as the subject of our study. After the proponent had chosen a prospect company, the proponents alert a earn of pass for the respondents conveying permission in making Silway-8 National high School as the subject of our study. The letter was presented to the school principal Mrs.\r\nEva Cosep with the focus and objectives of the study. Upon the approval of the request, the proponents prepared an outline as a guide questionnaire to asterisk them in gathering important information needed for the success of the study. With the data being gathered, the proponents were able to consume the structure of the project. Interview †the proponents have an open parley with the user who is involved i n doing the manual process of the school transactions. The team was provided with materials and sample documents of the alert reports as well as interview with the individuals involved of the process.\r\n program library Research †as additional information for the proposed Computerized Enrollment System the proponents referred to the unpublished and published books found in the library. Internet Research †the proponents used the internet for information gathering regarding Enrollment System. 4. 0 The Existing System 4. 1Company Background The Silway-8 National High School is located at Silway-8 Polomolok South Cotabato. It was establish on June 1986 at present it has 37 faculty staff, 34 didactics staff, 1detailed principal, 3 personnel and maximum of 1,325 students.\r\nThe total metrical composition of students are composed of five sections for First grade and Second year, four sections for third year and after part year, and 65 students per section. The School has 1 computer laboratory but still using manual enrollment system. At present the school principal is Ms. Eva Cosep. 4. 2 Description of the System The enrollment procedure of Silway-8 National High School is done manually. Though the school has computer units but it is used only for the student’s studies and for generating common reports. Every year the school held their enrollment at the gymnasium.\r\nThe principal assigned one chairman every year level to process the enrollment. The procedure of their manual enrollment system is premier(prenominal) the student asks for enrollment form from the chairman and fill it out with the necessary information. The curriculum head (chairman) then checked is the students have complied all of the requirements for enrollment. The chairman takes surmount the general weighted average of student because that is the posterior for sectioning.\r\nThey don’t have master list of enrollees and when the principal want know the number of enro llees she ask the class advisers the number of students that comprises in her class. 5. 0 software program/Project Estimation 5. 1 Schedule of Activities GANTT chart MONTHS| JULY| AUGUST| SEPTEMBER| ACTIVITIES| WEEKS| WEEKS| WEEKS| | 1| 2| 3| 4| 1| 2| 3| 4| 1| 2| 3| 4|.\r\n key a Company| | | | | | | | | | | | | Interview| | | | | | | | | | | | |Project intention| | | | | | | | | | | | Planning| | | | | | | | | | | | | Analysis| | | | | | | | | | | | | Design| | | | | | | | | | | | | System coding| | | | | | | | | | | | | support| | | | | | | | | | | | | Implementation| | | | | | | | | | | | | LEG closedown UNFINISHED mother DATE COMPLETED IN functioning 5. 2 Cost Estimation AMOUNT Laptop (2 Units)…………………………………… P 60,000. 00 Printing Preliminary printing………………………………… P200. 00 Final Documentation………⠀¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦. P 185. 00\r\nBook Binding…………………………………… P 130. 00 get along with……………………………………………… … P 200. 00 Miscellaneous……………………………………….. P150. 00 TOTAL P 60,865. 00 | Planning includes budgeting to determine how much it will cost to develop the system. In coping up with the estimated cost the proponents do list of all expenses possibly use in the project. In monastic order to minimize the expenses the proponents don’t need to buy the materials needed because some members of our group can provide it voluntarily 6. 0 Proposed System\r\n6. 1 Proposed System Overview The proposed Computerized Enrolment System of Silway-8 National High School is netwo rk base. Our goal is to provoke a system that will satisfy the of necessity of the school and students. To meet this goal, we have created the application in our system that enables user to add, edit, search and insert student’s record. This application is intuitive and easy to use, so that the process of enrolment is more convenient. The proponents developed the system which can minimize the time in order to access on the records of the students, as this enrollment process will much faster than the manual system.\r\nThe system is comprehensive which provide features such as adding students into list, modify student’s information, sectioning of the students, search and view list of enrollees per section and year level. The system also creates class list for the teachers, by entering their name automatically she/he can view the list of students die in her class. The proponents created a security access of the system which is only the administrator have the full rea lise over the system to prevent discrepancies from happening. Users have especial(a) privileges.\r\nThey system also have transaction log which the administrator can view who have access into the system on that certain date and time. The action made of the users can be viewed also. These features are created to hold dear records from being deleted or damaged. The Navicat for my sql is the database the proponents have used to jazz and handles the data being stored. 7. 0 SOFTWARE DESIGN SPECIFICATION 7. 1 Process Specification PROCESS 1: User Log-in Enter username of the user accordingly enter the password IF the inputs are overcompensate THEN Log-in booming.\r\nELSE IF inputs are incorrect THEN Log-in not successful Repeat END IF PROCESS 2: Add schoolchild admit all the field and set values If fields are valid THEN Successfully added ELSE IF adding is not successful END IF PROCESS 3: hunt club Student Update all fields If all are valid THEN Successfully updated ELSE IF not s uccessfully updated END IF PROCESS 4: Enroll Student Fill all fields If all inputs are correct THEN Enroll Student is successful ELSE IF enroll student not successful END IF 8. 0 System Implementation 8. 1 Programming Consideration.\r\nBasically, the proposed system for Silway-8 National High School has four front-end namely the Bookkeeper, Clerk, Adviser and Principal. The Clerk is able to maximize the work load and activity regarding enrollment system. The proponents basically designed the proposed enrollment system using MS Visual Basic. Net as discipline tool and Navicat for Mysql as the back-end or storage of the database. 8. 2 System Requirements Specification 8. 2. 1 large(p)ware Requirements The following are the minimum hardware requirements for complete and decent functionality.\r\nFor best possible result, the proponents recommend to use hardware high than the requirements stated below: For Standard good deal of Computer with the following specifications: * System U nit * At least 256mb RAM * At least 30GB Hard Disk * At least 16Hz processor * Monitor-CTR or LCD * UPS- Un interrupted Power Supply * Keyboard and common mackerel 8. 2. 2 Software Requirements Computer Software or just software is a collection of computer programs and related data that provides the instructions for telling computer what to do and how to do it. Below are the software requirements for the system. * Visual Basic.\r\nNet * Mysql Navicat * The proponents recommend using at least windows XP operating system installed in the own(prenominal) computer. However, for better computer performance it is suggested to install higher windows operating system. 8. 2. 3 Human Resources Requirements It is necessarily that a user is a computer literate to be able to operate the computerized Enrollments System for Silway-8 National High School. The designed system is user-friendly that will be easily learned and mastered. The proponents suggest proper facts of life and orientation on how to operate the system. 9. 0 Software Maintenance Plan.\r\nWe will give the company common chord months sustainment for the system. After the given time, further maintenance sessions will be charged P500. The maintenance session covers the following: * Debugging of the system in case of any errors. * Updating the system. * Maintaining Hardware components that we required. * Installing new programs and applications that the system needs. * Training of the personnel * Aside from the things mentioned above, we are not responsible to cater other problems except if with payment. disciplinal Maintenance The developer will focus on the diagnosis and correction of one or more errors.\r\n disciplinary maintenance would change the system to correct existing defects. Once the developer finds an error the system must be repair immediately. Preventive Maintenance In this phase, changing some of the system’s component will occur to improve maintainability and reliability to provide a better basis for future enhancement. This performs preventive measures to deflect system errors. Adaptive Maintenance In this phase there would be an occurrence of modifying system’s component in order for the system to accommodate changes to its external environment\r\n'

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