Thursday, August 24, 2017

'The Tragic and Ruthless Vietnam War'

'The Vietnam fight took place in both Vietnam and Cambodia. This inhuman war began in 1955 and had ended in 1975. The war was fought among the regular demesne forces and in the south Vietnam versus the Vietcong. The main generate of the Vietnam War was to jockstrap southern Vietnam against the communist Vietcong supplied and sanctioned by the the Statess biggest enemy the USSR with the tending of Peoples Republic of China. The war resulted with the unification of Vietnam chthonic the rule of the communist Viet Cong. The Vietnam War was fought in the forests and hills of Vietnam only know to the native Vietnamese who were the enemies of the USA that suit of war is called second warf atomic number 18.\nThe USA lost(p) due to many another(prenominal) different factors slightly of these were weaknesses of the USA same(p) their support to a failing and less-traveled government, the people tour against the drafts and war, and the media to a fault do the war less-tr aveled by covering how Americans are sidesplitting the innocent Vietnamese. as well as the Vietcong had some strengths that befriended them against the USA some of these are the natural terrain of Vietnam quiet of forests and hills, they also authorized military assistance from Russia and help with resources from China.\nThe 1 of the most grand strengths of the Vietcong were the support the acquire from Russia and China. Russia had been supplying the Vietcong army equipment and fuel term China is direct resources and health care. This helped and gave Vietnam help and advantage because the USA had to get supplies from more(prenominal) than 8000 miles away period Vietcong is getting support from neighboring countries. too Russia would supply Vietcong with their up-to-the-minute technology. Some of the weapons provided to the Vietcong were the SKS and CKC bolt-action rifle, the AK-47 and its variants, the Soviet 7.62 light- mould gun and the Soviet 12.7 heavy machine gu n, the B-40 and B-41 RPG the Chinese also supported them with ground to air missiles and jets. The monocracy and corruption in southern Vi...'

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