Monday, October 21, 2019

Kevin Mitnick essays

Kevin Mitnick essays What lies behind the eyes of a hacker have you ever wondered what made them tick, what drove them to what they are today? What is a hacker? A hacker is one who breaks forcefully into a computer to retrieve data or learn about his victims who have no idea their victims YET. But can a hacker really be changed to use his knowledge for good and to help fix problems with security in todays computers. One did but Its all the same for one man a hacker from his young phone phreaking days to what got him caught and what was done to free him. Kevin Mitnick is a hacker and this is just a small portion of what his life was and what made him change to help for the good. Kevin Mitnick was born in 1965 and grew up in San Fernando Valley, California not to far from Los Angeles. His father and mother divorced when he was three years old his mother worked long hard hours as a waitress at a small restaurant just to make ends meet. Kevin grew up lonely and isolated he hardly ever seen his father. What friends he did have where phone phreaks they often met at a small pizza parlor named Shakeys Pizza. Figuring out how to break into large communication systems and local computers. The more that Kevin hung out with this kids he got into phone phreaking, gaining illegal access to telephone services using electronic techniques. He would spend time in dumpsters of phone companies looking for old manuals that would provide information about the phone companys computers. The first time Kevin ever go into trouble with the law was in his teen years he broke into his schools computer grade system in which he changed no grades but very well could have. Kevin was also reported that he hacked the militarys North American Air Defense Command computers in Colorado just for fun. He was seventeen when he was caught stealing technical manuals from the Pacific Bell Telephone Company the judge gave him probation. He began to hack again after hi...

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