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Secure Computer System - Case Studies Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Secure Computer System - Studies - Case Study Example Fire detection is very crucial therefore fire detection appliances should detect the smallest indication of fire through sparks and temperature rise. Fire suppression equipment need to be installed and should suppress the fire without damaging the server equipment. Water sprinklers are the most common fire suppression equipment. It would be better to consider other options like the use of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers (Nash, 1997, pg 23). Heating, ventilating and air conditioning as well as climate control equipment should be kept separate from the rest of the room to avoid damaging the network equipment. I would not place the ventilation equipment overhead because it would risk the server. The switch for the equipment would be placed inside the room to prevent accidental switching. Proper power at the right quality should be regulated through the use of power protection equipment. By use of reliable power supply and surge protection equipment, the power will be kept at the desired quality. Power should be safe and reliable and should not fluctuate often. The space for the equipment should be adequate enough to allow for future expansion. ... Considerations for installing additional components and intrusion detection and prevention system should be taken into consideration (Shirley, 2008, pg 34). Case Study Pg.432 Case exercise Question 1 page 432 Based on the case study, what security awareness and training posters had an impact in this incident. Pg.432 Question 1 In Amy's incident, the following security awareness posters and training documents may have contributed to it; posters requiring the immediate reporting of security problems, posters and documents requiring the practice of healthy computer security. Information and security tips on posters and documents. Company security policy documents also contributed to this incident. The following topics may also have contributed to the incident, these are; Password usage and management; this includes creation of passwords, frequency of changing the password and methods used in protection. Security training plays a pivotal and important role in preventing attacks on computer system by viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other malicious code (Richardson, 2005, pg 2). More information that is needed in order to enhance information security is the creation of a policy poster indicating; implications of noncompliance to information security implications of receiving unknown e-mail/attachments implications of people browsing certain prohibited websites during working hours those allowed to use the web services and those who are prohibited and also stipulating penalties for those found breaching these rules and regulations Data storage and backup; data storage systems maybe centralized or decentralized. This information is placed on not only posters but also on, newsletters,

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