Saturday, September 28, 2019

Recent Current Event Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Recent Current Event Analysis - Essay Example 3). This was corroborated by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio whose statements during a radio interview on From Washington al Mundos show and was disclosed to expound on â€Å"how access to the Internet empowers individuals and can be used to help promote democracy† (Capitol Hill Cubans). The main argument in the article is that the "Internet use is a less effective means to mobilize citizens for democracy in extremely authoritarian countries† (Science Daily par. 4). As indicated, the relevance of the results focus on supporting the comparative method and the modernization theory which clearly demonstrates that â€Å"there are some countries that currently appear to have the right political and technological mix for the internet to play a role in social and political change. Those countries include Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Singapore and Zambia. But countries in the survey that are run by highly authoritarian regimes, such as Vietnam and Zimbabwe, are not likely to see democracy flourishing anytime soon, regardless of use of the internet† (Science Daily par. 13 & 14). Under the modernization theory, â€Å"advanced industrial technology produces not only economic growth in developing societies but also other structural and cultural changes† (Armer and Sillis par. 7). One strongly believes that the Internet has actually accorded vast opportunities for transformations that include political change. However, as contended in the article, political change could only be possibly effectively promoted using the Internet when current political structure permits its prolific application. As validated, in countries where complete authoritarian power rules, there are expected restrictions and constraints in accessing the Internet and in freely communicating personal ideas and thoughts – for the precise reasons that these governments preclude its people to plant the seeds of democracy, as could possibly be propagated through the

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