Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Industry overview of Yahoo company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Industry overview of Yahoo company - Essay Example By means of contrast and comparison, the main competition for Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and Apple fall into two distinct groups with regards to their own value proposition. As can be expected, Google mirrors Yahoo with regards to the way in which it offers services in an attempt to garner a further level of customers. As such, Google has the value proposition of having Gmail, YouTube, Picasa, Google News and a litany of other associated services. However, both Microsoft and Apple approach the market from a somewhat different standpoint (Reingold, 2013). For example, for Microsoft and Apple, the services that are related are more oftentimes related to actual hardware that works seamlessly with the online services that they already offer; i.e. iTunes or the ability to sync hardware with that information that is being viewed online . This somewhat differentiated focus allows Yahoo to have a distinct advantage with regards to the fact that it is ultimately most closely competing with Goo gle in terms of the market that has already been defined. From an analysis and review of Porter’s five forces, with respect to Yahoo Inc., it can be determined that the threat of new entrants is not something that Yahoo should be particularly concerned with. Due to the fact that the market is already heavily stratified, the danger of new entrants is something that Yahoo need not be overly concerned by. Similarly, the threat of substitutes products is something that Yahoo must perennially be on guard against. Due to the fact that the Yahoo business model has been largely successful, although arguably not nearly as successful as Google, the threat of substitutes products that could take away their stake in the market is something that Yahoo is faced with on a daily basis. Likewise, the bargaining power of the consumer is naturally a pertinent concern due to the fact that any changes within the baseline of the

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