Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Public and Private Partnership Barnhill school, Hillingdon Essay

Public and Private Partnership Barnhill school, Hillingdon - Essay Example The popularity of the PPPs has been likely to increase over the years as there are a greater number of such partnerships between the private and the public sector, where the public sector’s limited budgets persist the adoption of such a partnership and the private sector envisages opportunities of making profits through such partnerships. However, this partnership demands a close scrutiny in order to have a complete analysis of the outcomes that are required. The possibilities of the partnership between the two sectors is illustrated with the (Figure 1)As the figure illustrates at one extreme the public sector can fully take charge and responsibility of all the aspects of the service delivery including the infrastructure, whereas the private sector can also take up these responsibilities. However, there is a variation relative to a number of responsibilities taken up by both the sectors. In the ideal situation the PPPs help in capitalizing the strengths of the parties from bot h the sectors, so as to make the partnership mutually beneficial.A new school needed to be established in the Borough of Hillingdon by the Hillingdon Borough Council in order to provide additional space within the borough for educating 1450 school children, between the ages of 11 and 18 years (Ryan, 2004). The school required facilities that included assembly hall, dining area, catering facility, library, IT suite, sports hall a stimulating indoor environment, hence a complete construction of the building on the existing site. For this to take place Private Finance Initiative (PFI) was used as the route of procurement in order to make use of the public money in a better and effective way. The government policies were taken into consideration for the project that also required it to be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable (Garwood, Logan, Mills, & Willoughby). The Stakeholders to the project The PFI project (Broadbent & Laughlin, 1998) has two fundamental requiremen ts that it must demonstrate the value for money and also there should be transfer of risk from the public sector to the private sector. As for the value of money, it can be

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