Friday, August 23, 2019

Narrative Autobiography. Life Experiences Essay

Narrative Autobiography. Life Experiences - Essay Example One of my friends, Jim said, â€Å"Why not prove our swimming skills today. It is really hot yet a sunny day for all of us to enjoy?† We all agreed to what Jim proposed. So finally we decided to go to a water park and have some fun together. When we got in there was a good crowd and people were having fun. It was a huge park for people to hang out and have a lot of fun. Since it was a warm sunny day and, also luckily it was a public holiday, therefore, one could easily find families and bunches of friends grouped up together for little fun and adventure. I was specifically attracted by an artificial water fall which ended up in a pool. So I said to my friends that I would be the one going first to jump into that water pool from a good height. I wanted to prove my swimming skills on my friends. So, with a deep breath I turned around, smiled and said, â€Å"Hey, since you guys are too young to jump down from such a good height therefore, I have decided that I will be the one ta king the lead and jumping off in the water, trust me, I am a born swimmer.† My friends were amazed and just so thrilled on the idea of jumping from such a great height and above that, what made them more excited was the idea that I proposed in front of them; me taking the lead! Somehow, deep down inside I was little nervous to jump down. But I convinced all my friends that it will be fun to jump from that height in the swimming pool. When we got up there I felt I would not be able to jump from that height and decided to back up. But the fact that I was the one who convinced them to come here on the first place everybody started making fun of me. One of my friends said, â€Å"You were dying to be the fish, desperately wanting to swim in the shallow water, go ahead.† I smiled back and said, â€Å"You will what a fine fish I can be, this is just a piece of cake for a good swimmer like me.† And that was not it other people standing there most of whom were kids and pe ople I had never even met in my whole life started making fun of me. So finally I had enough and thought that being such a good swimmer that I am what harm can it do if I jump. And if I don’t then of course my friends are going to mock me for the rest of my life. It was then when I decided to jump. So I jumped. When I fell in the pool I started swimming but after a while I realized that I was neither moving up or ahead instead I was drowning so I started screaming for help as loud as I can. Fortunately one of the swimmers heard my screams and pointed it out to the life guard who immediately came to my help and rescued me. And I thought that wasn’t embarrassing enough so I decided to ask yet another stupid question. I asked, â€Å"Is that pool deep† the life guard looked at me angrily and said â€Å"if you don’t know how to swim you shouldn’t be around that pool and it’s for your own safety that we make these rules.† Then all my friend s gathered around me and after making sure that I was not hurt they started laughing at me, â€Å" you are coward†, one of my friend laughed at me. But I realized that moment that sometimes it is better to be coward in order to learn the good things in life and to hold the true moments that you will remember all through your life. I smiled back at my friends and replied more humbly than ever before in my life, â€Å"Yes, I am coward enough to be a fish in my other life!†

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