Saturday, August 10, 2019

A Critique of the Movie Monsieur Ibrahim Review

A Critique of the Monsieur Ibrahim - Movie Review Example Interrelated themes include an expansive view of Islam that respects other religions and other faiths, and views all men with love and respect. They also include a cosmopolitan Islam that embraces all, the prostitute, the Jew, the Orthodox, the Catholic, and the saint, with equal reverence and compassion. These themes meanwhile tie-up with the theme of the differences between formal religion, doctrine, and churches on the one hand, and a personal and lived spirituality as typified by the Sufi spirituality of Ibrahim on the other. It is about how a personal spirituality that is grounded on an authentic view of God is also an authentic way of viewing the message of the Koran (Ernst; Siddiqui; â€Å"Monsieur Ibrahim†). II. Discussion The physical context in France, in a section of Paris where prostitutes ply their trade. The main characters play out roles as a Jewish teenager about to become a man. and as an old Sufi Muslim and store owner, who from the beginning seems to have a connection with the young man. He is able seemingly to read his thoughts. Their social and religious associations hint at a deeper reality that needs probing. Being a Jew has social contexts, and so is being an â€Å"Arab† in France. Moises is Momo to Monsieur Ibrahim. The old man's name hints at his Muslim roots, and he does not hide it. We learn that he is Muslim, and he is a devout reader of the Koran, but that he is also a Sufi, a religious adept. As a Sufi, he disregards the legalistic, dogmatic side of Islam. He thus so to favor of personal spirituality. Outwardly he is friendly and calm, and certainly not at all intimidated by the young boy's Jewishness.  

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