Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Risks and Prospective of iPad Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Risks and Prospective of iPad - Case Study Example Before developing the product, the firm needs to evaluate customer’s desire and behaviour. Furthermore, they must determine if the consumers would be able to purchase the product as well as the market opportunity. The first month after the release of iPad, one million devices were sold and 15 million in the first nine months, thus making it one of the most successful products. It is essential for the company to determine the reality of the product upon establishing an achievable market. Before development process begins, innovator should define a concept, possibility of developing the proposed product and define market demands. At Apple, the development teams through various sessions meet to discuss technical specifications, social and environmental acceptability of the proposed product. This team is charged with the responsibility of determining the viability of the product and cost of development. Ipad allows numerous update of software and hardware, this aspect makes it suitable and solves unforeseen technical, manufacturing and system problems. In addition, iPad is designed to meet customer expectations and maintain its potential appeal. Upon determining the viability of the market and product, it is important to assess the ability of the company to hold and gain sufficient share of the market. Consumers will choose a product based on value and cost benefits. The development team must evaluate the competitive edge of a product in the market. Ipad offers tangible advantage such as cost and quality. Moreover, the product must be able to sustain the competitive advantage. After the introduction of iPad, other competitors such as Samsung developed a similar product. However, iPad the best selling tablet in the world. To sustain competition the team must determine whether the company’s resource, management and market insight are better than fellow competitors are.     

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