Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Marketing ( Customer Relationship Management ) Assignment

Marketing ( Customer Relationship Management ) - Assignment Example roviding information about the customers that the company needs to keep in mind so as to maintain a good affiliation with their clienteles, and this is achieved by ensuring that the knowledge obtained from customer surveys is used to increase quality and service delioivery.an effective and efficient customer relationship management system, will help the business to understand their customers and their needs and ensure that the same are met. The systems also ensure that customers are retained as their satisfaction will ascertain that they seek the services of the company that meets their needs. Efficient and effective customer management systems will also aid in attracting new customers as they are assured that the organization is aware of their needs, and it keeps them at high priority by ensuring that all of them are met through effective interaction. Customer relationship management systems will be used to manage customer relationships and they are used to manage business contacts, client contacts and sales leads, which are paramount in ensuring that business customer data that ascertains that the business provides services that the customer wants and provide better services to the customer and this in return increases sales hence ensuring organizational

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