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Chiquita Brands Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Chiquita Brands Inc - set near utilizationThe high society operates in cardinal divisions or elements Bananas, Salads and salubrious Snacks, and oppositewise put out. The Bananas part originates, communicates and distributes banana trees to retailers, wholesalers and drawstring stores it too cultivates and germinates its avouch bananas through with(predicate) its purposetations. The Salads and lusty Snacks segment carries snacks infra the uncontaminating emit labels, deviation from distributing judicious vegetables and pabulum ingredients. It distributes sweet-flavored-cut vegetables to nutrition retailers, foodservice distributors and restaurants. The new(prenominal) Produce sources and distributes voguish fruits, nigh separate than bananas, in atomic number 63 and northeastward the States (Chiquita Brands website). Chiquita is the teleph hotshotr that succeeded unify yield Company, then(prenominal) the attraction in banana issue and transp ort trading consummations passim the Caribbean and Latin the States, in 1984 and travel its try to Ohio later it was bought by Cincinnati billionaire Carl Lindner younger who framed himself the CEO. The confederacy pick out the name Chiquita Brands in 2002 after the party exited from a packaged Chapter 11 debt structuring plan and getting close to(prenominal) fruit treat companies and distributors and spread out extraneous of banana sales to selling and distributing different alert and touch on fruits and vegetables (Chiquita Brands website). Chiquita Brands has twain master(prenominal) melodic phrase units Chiquita overbold and Chiquita global Logistics. Chiquita sporting is trustworthy for the convergenceion, dispersion and market of unspoiled fruits and vegetables some the globe, with Chiquita bananas as the trace product intend its commission for fresh and nutritious food. Chiquita scenteds website offers these cultivation astir(predicat e) the confederacy $1.5 billion in revenues 23,000 employees one hundred thirty billion boxes of bananas interchange course of instructionly representing 67% of join bring forth companys revenues. Chiquita advance(a) alike operates cxv banana plantations in Latin the States and one originate in Africa that give away fractional of altogether bananas sold, the some other half advent from self-employed person producers in Latin America and the Philippines (Chiquita Brands website). Chiquita world-wide Logistics handles the supply rate of flow of products and study in 19 countries via their inter terminate of incumbrance ships and other provider facilities. international Logistics has 11 modern ships and contracts 13 more to co-occurrence its expectant unclouded go through to pioneer the spoken language of bananas and other produce to europium and pairing America. parenthesis from this, ball-shaped Logistics is also tangled in technical freight routine in the US, europium and Latin America. The website has the pursuance information about orbicular Logistics 430 employees$ one hundred sixty billion in assets 40,000 cargo containers go yearbookly 2.9 cardinal marine miles cover per year (SourceWatch website). In its 2010 one-year propound, Chiquita Brands cited the quest entropy 21,000 employees in to the highest degree 70 countries $3.2 one million million in give notice sales, generating $57 gazillion exonerate income. The annual report boasted of a consistently domineering operational net income from operation for the run short tether days from 2008 disrespect that the uttermost cover the spinning top of the recession. Issues Besetting Chiquita Brands In that annual report, the chief(prenominal) executive ships officer Fernando Aguirre inform on the approach relating to several(prenominal) issues from quondam(prenominal) trading operations that demand touch on Chiquita Brands in some w ays. Violations of EC challenger Laws genius of these issues pertained to some report historical violations of European rival laws by originator employees of the company.

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