Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Globalization in the middle east Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Globalization in the middle east - Essay ExampleIn recent times, participation in globalization has been a striking alter factor in obtaining stable economic growth in the mall East. Globalization and its importance in economic development involve had a great effect both on the stability of the country and the global financial establishment. The Middle East region should find a way to use globalization to their benefit. In order for the region to gain integration into the global economy, it is imperative to understand globalization and its impact on Middle East (Schaeffer 67). Thus, it is important to encounter the impact of globalization and the perception from the Middle East region. Globalization refers to the spread of customs, attitudes, ideas that started off in a definite part of the world. The issue of globalization is seen to have originated from the Western countries. The Middle East has sound reasons as to why they did not embrace globalization. It is easy to equate globalization with westernization. Regions such as Africa, Europe and south America were to a lesser extent more open to westernization and globalization. They had the notion that they were already western components. The Middle East countries did not want any tie to the West so this led to a delay in them embracing globalization. Globalization was related to what was previously termed as modernization. This was a set of beliefs that challenged the traditional norms. Therefore, globalization was perceived as a major threat to tradition and this was valued most by the Middle East region. Globalization is regarded as an inevitable force that changes the face of the world. The world is seen to be a small village where everybody learns to live and interact with each other. Since the conception of globalization, distance and time concepts have changed. Globalization is a trend this can be perceived as an opportunity and also a threat. Most regimes in Middle East region did not pleasa nt globalization very well. A major contributor was the lack of fundamental change and stability in the region (Schaeffer 109). There has been a long refer of problems that been encountered by the Middle East religion, they face political, economical, social and military problems. Almost all the states in the Middle East started to rebuild in the last century. The region has been faced with years of disputes as nobody seems to accept their boundaries. There is a low intensity conflict that seems to be constant in this region. The state system in the Middle East region was based on the ground of the low intensity conflict so they had no hegemonic power. This led to an intervention of alfresco powers to come and resolve this conflict In order to safeguard the regions stability. With reference to globalization, the United States in the leading in globalization whereas the Middle East is regarded one of the least globalized regions. The challenge to facilitate globalization is evident at the state level in the Middle East. This seems to be a full of life issue with regard to the rest of the world. Probably there is no area in the world that has embraced globalization less than the Middle East. This is due to the fact that the foe movements, majority of regimes and the intellectuals in the region have all been anti globalization. It is a well known fact that the Middle East have always resorted to force-out in their antiglobalization struggle. Most countries in this region have readily accepted the principle of

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