Thursday, June 13, 2019

Employee Involvement, Employee Programs in Organization Performance Case Study

Employee Involvement, Employee Programs in Organization Performance - Case Study ExampleAs such, Gual and Ricart point out that employee social function should be a platform where employer and employee are anticipated play roles that are designed to improve the brass instrument performance at all levels. In the prove conducted by Podsakoff et al., the actual ideas in employee involvement revolves around getting individuals to contribute in most aspects of work decisions and planning since when involved, they feel emotionally attached to the organisation. As a result, when employee increases mental ownership and commitment, the employer is able to retain the handpicked performing employees and there is fostered environment where people prefer being motivated and contributing. Apparently, an investigation carried out by Dunlop and Lee illustrates the concept of employee involvement as one comprising of three sub concepts necessary in mending gaps that might exist between employee in volvement and organization performance. These aspects comprise of employee commitment, employment satisfaction, and organizational citizen behavior. Firstly, it is worth noting that employment satisfaction is mostly influenced by what people expect from their work places such as pay, prestige, security and performance. In this regard, it is the employers mandate to guarantee that the employee receives both intrinsic and extrinsic employment satisfaction. Secondly, there should be employee commitment particularly in the work they have been assigned.

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