Monday, June 17, 2019

Choose one Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Choose one - Essay Example This is the thesis II. The Progressive Period The Progressive Period in the US approximately started in 1890 to 1920 as a social move workforcet that grew into a political movement, and somewhere in 1900 to 1918, was the training ground for a transformation of the relationship between a parliamentary government and the people, essentially highlighting Prohibition and woman suffrage (PBS GWU). This period was also generally referred to as the transition from agrarian to urbanization, a depiction of more advanced transformation of the civilization and high level way of thinking. III. World War II On the other hand, World War II began in 1939 to 1945, and women were considered partners in winning the war due to the following points there was a changed image of womens roles, they joined the nurse corps and armed forces, they were encouraged to dish out the military, they filled in traditional male jobs particularly in production, and they performed functions both at home and in the community and so on (National Womens invoice Museum). The point is that women were started to be viewed as equal with men and that made them essential counterparts in order for the US to successfully win the war. IV. Post-War Expansion Period set after the World War II is the Post-War Expansion Period. ... After all, Post-War Expansion Period was the economic expansion of the US, by which women had special participation in the process. V. abridgment It is evident, based on the information as stated so far that the transition in the US history of development over the course of prison term was fueled by social, political and economic factors. However, men and women substantially worked out for this. Therefore, having the thought like this will pave the way for understanding that the involvement of women in particular in the entire scenario of development is not just only a sole controversial issue, but a specific subject that requires native analysis to u nderstand its actual transformation as directly influenced by socio-economic and political factors. What therefore is one of the most important actions to take is to know the varying attitudes to womens roles in the workforce in each of the three introduced periods. Another important point is to further analyze how these attitudes were changed. Finally, to understand why these attitudes changed is just another(prenominal) important point to consider. Clearly, women were not considered equal counterparts of men from the beginning and this was due to social understanding linked in particular to a patriarchal companionship in the US and even in other parts of the world. This dates back to the beginning, but what is much more explicit observation was the aggressive considered nature of men by then, as depicted from their ability to conquer. Such history remains vivid in the minds of the Americans especially supplemented by one of the thoughts like on how Christopher capital of Ohio dis covered, subjugated and put the entire native America

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