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1920's Prohibition Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

1920s Prohibition - Term Paper ExampleHowever, it led to rise of flush graver social ills particularly organized evil, leading to more repercussions. Prohibition was the period in United States historyIt was a time characterized by speakeasies, glamour, and gangsters and a period of time in which even the average citizen broke the law. (Rosenberg). So, this paper focusing on the Prohibition period will discuss, how it led to the rise of discourtesy mafia and organized crime, as they indulged in illegal bootlegging, thereby allowing them to enter legitimate business.The need to implement Prohibition began in the 19th century, immediately later the end of the American Revolution, with the Temperance sweat taking the initiative. After the revolution, drinking of alcohol among the men rose leading to many social ills particularly crime and murder, as well as domestic violence with the men of the family getting addicted to alcohol and shedding their familial and work responsibilities . Prohibition, members of the Temperance movement urged, would encumbrance husbands from spending all the family income on alcohol and prevent accidents in the workplace caused by workers who drank during lunch. (Rosenberg). After several decades of moderate struggle with no major results, the movement changed focus and pushed for complete Prohibition. This pressure from the temperance movement only led the United States Senate proposing the Eighteenth Amendment, and the passing of Volstead Act, the popular name given to the field of study Prohibition Act.After the implementation of Prohibition, the administrators and the public expected that the crime and anti-social activities caused by alcohol consumption would come down. In addition, the administrators hoped that with reduced crime, governments spending on running and maintaining prisons can also be reduced maximally, thereby diverting those funds to improve health

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