Saturday, May 18, 2019

Satan and Evil in the Quran

It is interesting to read the seventh chapter of Major Themes of the Quran. There is an abundance of education explaining the traditions and fundamentality of this argument. It is really interesting to see the commonalty threads that run by the three major religions. When hellish and satan is discussed in the Quran it is practically referred to along with the jinn. The jinn atomic number 18 the metaphorical representation of the humans. They are often imbued with names such as satans or the D unfairness.There is much made from the repeated statements that satans stealthily taste to snatch news from the heavens but are driven away. (Major Themes of the Koran 121) It then goes on to ordinate that the jinn were given the opportunity to listen to the Quran, and then choose the path of good or savage. It is important to comment that the information is given to Mohammed from God, and that it is not recorded that the Prophet Mohammed had an contact with the jinn. In the Quran, Sat an or sinfulness is not seen as the enemy of God, but rather the rival and enemy of men and women.Satan cannot cutaneous senses God, is not an equal, so satan preys upon men and women to rebel against Gods command. In the Bible there is the similar belief that Satan is there to tempt men and women to break Gods commandments. A parallel could be drawn between the Qurans warnings and the Bibles warning to be vigilant against the activities of Satan. O people Enter all of you into peace and do not follow the footsteps of Satan, for he is your manifest enemy. (2208) Satans power is derived from the weakness of men and women.In the Quran the devil appears more cunning and artful than strong. . . (Major Themes of the Quran 125) The devil simply invites people to make an error, people still exhaust the ability to say no. The story of ten and Eve is a common theme through both the Bible and the Quran, and it illustrates this point well. The apple was simply offered, perhaps cajoled, b ut never forced. Again the common thread, all people must guard against the influence of evil, because it is insidious. The Quran often parallels jinn to mankind, the struggle between evil tendencies and good are in both.It details why it is easy for people to deceive themselves into believing what they are doing is just, ut in reality is just self-serving behavior. Satan is often referred to in the plural satans in the Quran, illustrating its use for both mankind and jinns. There is no satan independent of these two types of beings according to the Quran, integrity must exist for the other to exist. Satans is also used to for dis takers. It is said that they take in satans at the ejection of God. It is believed that as God sends messages to his prophets, so satan sends messages to his wicked followers. Major Themes of the Quran 130). The theme of satan and evil is interesting as it appears in the Quran. There are many parallels with the Bible, such as the story of Adam and Eve. T he struggles of men and women against the temptation of evil, is another parallel in the Quran and Bible. The Quran does talk about jinns, which is divergent than anything mentioned in the Bible. Another large divide is the belief that all disbelievers are evil. Consequently I believe there are more similarities than differences.

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