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Employee Satisfaction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Employee Satisfaction - Essay ExamplePromotion should purely be merit based so that everyone in the organization gets an opportunity to move up the ranks. Also, in the lawsuit of job openings, it is advisable to first try and hire from within. This not only saves costs on pedagogy but also in a great platform for employee stimulation. It is important for the employees to be challenged to a conjectural level so as to encourage them to be interested in their job, thus, it is likely that the productiveness levels forget remain high. Motivation is key to increasing the productivity of a workforce. Compliments, for modelling, be excellent motivators. Satisfied employees be aw be that they are appreciated as they constantly receive positive feedback from their superiors. High employee merriment levels are directly linked to employee productivity and employee retention as satisfied employees are more productive and leal to their organization that their unsatisfied counterparts. An employer who understands what motivates his staff has definite control over his staff.The article dispelling the modern myth Employee satisfaction and loyalty drive service profitability gives a report on research findings on execution management, service management, Total Quality Management (TQM) and Human Resource Management. The research focuses on the correlation amongst employee satisfaction and performance. It is a general belief that better satisfied employees have higher levels of productivity. Rhian & Silversto cites earlier flora by the Americans Deming(1986), Juran (1989) and the Japanese Ishiakawa(1985) who are all management experts their writings shows that improved job satisfaction increases the productivity of employees. These authors argument supports the belief that better performing enterprises always treated their employees in a better way. confessedly to its title, the research finds contradicting evidence to earlier works and the general beliefs to what had been commonly accepted in the management world. The authors gives the example of Isakawa 1985 who argues that with better satisfaction, one has improved drives hence will tend to co-operate with fellow employees. The research findings from an empirical learning of one of UKs Supermarket chains showed that this is not always true. The most profitable stores were the ones with the least satisfied employees implying a disallow correlation between employee satisfaction and measures of productivity, efficiency and profitability Rhian & Sylvester. However, reports by management experts that employee satisfaction and loyalty are key factors to enhancing productivity efficiency and increasing profit.The paper puts into application, Heskett, Sasser and Schlesingers service profit chain model to a UK supermarket. The major aim is to determine the performance linkages between employee perception and performance, customer perceptions, behavior and financial performance. industrial plant by both Hesket and Schlesinger (1991) and Reichheld (1996) improving employee loyalty through poor rewarding helps in improving the go the employees provide hence profitability is improved.The research is a case study of the Home Improvement stack away Chain in the United Kingdom. This is a large group of supermarket chains in the UK. The company was chosen since it had senior management believed that satisfaction was key to

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