Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Cloud Computing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Cloud Computing - Essay ExampleThe flipside of the application lies in its precarious state of security. being accessible to a number of users and within any locality, taint cypher is highly insecure and the idolise of interception, loss or unauthorized access of data exists.A SWOT analysis reveals the advantages that cloud computing bring home the bacons to institutions and businesses organizations keen in embracing convenient and fast methods of data storage and accessibility while at the same time showing the mundane flaws involved. Chief among the strengths of cloud computing is the ability to integrate a number of applications into one system and offer the user a single product able to offer various services. This could be equated to an omnibus that carries various passengers and conveniently drops each one at his destination. The technology considerably reduces the costs incurred in investment. While the technology demands that the university pay close to seven thousand do llars, the other excerpt of self investment would cost universities about three hundred thousand dollars. Other strengths are the mobility which basically allows access of the data from any locality and the expanded memory capacity as its RAM is larger. This boils pop to the availability of more space for institutions to store their ever increasing data (Beard).Cloud computing comes with inwrought weaknesses. Ideally, any organization that decides to adopt cloud computing technology must inevitably adjust their models. A business organization for instance must adjust the business model in tandem with the cloud computing technology. This is synonymous to an overhaul and could be expensive especially for large organizations which already have open up cultures. The biggest weakness in cloud computing, however, lies in the security of the technology. The technology being an amalgamation of various institutional applications in a remote

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