Saturday, March 23, 2019

US Public Lands Essay -- US territory, US Forest service, government

U.S. Public Lands are a vital sectionalization of our nation and what is stands for, but you rarely hear anything about of these lands or the establishment of their units anywhere other than a bleak pertain in a high school American history class where they briefly mention their conception or if you seek it out in college. The federal regimen owns just about 30% of all public lands in the joined States, (Bureau of Land Management Lecture), which equates to almost 650 million acres, of land of all variant types and terrains. The U.S. Public Lands system is divided into five major units, all possess by the federal government, all with diametrical goals and all ran by different legislation but all still dealing with the same things spirit and the environs. When first learning about the existence of these five major units, I asked myself, why arent these all under the same branches, just as many other sectors of life in America. Or if anything why isnt it up to the individual states to decide how they want their land looked after? I quickly realized was that they werent all created as one because each different unit has its owns missions, legislations to abide by and its own practices and that by owning so much land federally, the United States is subject to hold more control over the individual states. Although I go int think that it will be effortless and uncomplicated, I do think that the land owned by the federal government should be devolved venture to the individual states so they can customize their care for the environment that is specifically catered to their specific terrains needs. I believe the best choice is for the United States to give back the federal land to the individual states, and wherefore the individual states consol... ... are now barely breaking even, even with tourism. The plainly really moneymaking aspects are the oil, gas and mining companies, which reside on federal land but those are poorly managed and do more ba d than good for the environment and all people living almost them. At first it will be hard but its not impossible under the right leadership who truly only wants the betterment of the environment, I think with strict guidelines and rules this could be the most profitable solution for humankind and the environment. I believe that giving the land back to the states will be beneficial to help keep the costs down, alter the efforts, and make saving, and preserving, the environment more efficient in the long run. whole caboodle CitedEdwards, Chris, and Randal OToole. Reforming Federal Land Management. Downsizing the Federal Government. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Dec. 2013.

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