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Marketing planning process

Sources of selling query and Information Used In Implementing MMPMarketing devicening process is a crystal clear sequence and series events to be done so as to observe strategic planning objectives of an geological formation and setting up strategic plans for achieving them. This is a formal process done annually by most of organizations such(prenominal) that the results of draft at each stage is analyzed to evaluate the impacts it has brought on the earlier stages and changes be done to meet the expectations. The main aim is to take up from the general to the specific, from the overall objectives of the organization and narrow down to individual process plan for a section of one selling process.For an organization similar Marks and spencer, this is one of widely recognized and largest clothing and food retailer in UK. The main source of grocery storeing research and cultivation in its implementation of planning process is merchandise audit. This gives complete and accu rate entropy of what is happening at the ground. The information collected using this audit includes refreshen of the commercializeing milieu which involves the study of the organizations markets clients, competitors and overall social, political, technical and economical environment currently and in the future and the review of detailed marketing commingle in terms of product, monetary value, place and promotion. Finally review of marketing dodging in its organization, strategies and objectives.Marketing system needs to be frequently checked since marketing plan depends on the accuracy of information from the system. The former(a) source of information used in marketing planning is the analysis done on the market to determine what happened and why. The marketing positioning and segmentation offers the starting purpose of what is to be achieved by the whole planning process. Ensuring organized planning of products and serve leads to balanced portfolio and finally observing 8020 rule which states that concentrating on the 20% of products or function and 20% of nodes give result in 80% of the volume and 80% of the profit.Benefits Achieved From Marketing PlanningMarks and Spencer being like any other organization which practices marketing planning for its products have arrive ated significantly. Some of increase benefits includeThe organization has been able to strongly define itself and develop its individuation in the customers, employees and market at large. launching of the late products has been fast and toll effective it sets up a promise and expectation of the organization products and services it has separated the organization from the competitors and has given it a value making it germane(predicate) to its customers it determines the unique selling proposition over the competitors It outlines how all defined brands allow be used, enhanced and strengthened and allows for strategic positioning of brands in the targeted markets.Ways of amend Marketing Planning Process Used By Mark and SpencerFor a marketing planning process to remain and continue being viable, on that point needs to be frequent redefining and resetting of the objectives to march the market requirements with changing economic times.Several ways in which the Mark and Spencer company can do to improve its marketing planning include first developing refreshing range of products to meet the changing market needs and competition arising from other clothing and food making organization, re-launching and redesigning of the existing clothing ranges and doing away with those products that be not serving market effectively. mod features need to be added and designing new packaging methods to make them look more attractive to the potential customers. This give ensure the products or services have all qualities that a customer expects to get from them. Then price of these products should be set such that they are able to penetrate the market effectively. This is achieved through pricing for different market segments. This segmentation should match differences in the buyer behaviour of the customers and study the competition in terms of number of competitors, their size, location and their strengths that exists in the market and devices the price that will be able to emerge as a best-loved organization in the market. Acceptance of credit cards from other organizations and doing profession on Sundays has significantly enabled Mark and Spencer recovers some its market share. The products need to be promoted in the market to create awareness to the customers so as to gain responses from the targeted markets.The marketing campaign dubbed look rump the label has created awareness to customer some of ethical and environmental friendly aspects being used by organization and more needs to be done to improve the moving picture of the organization. The public relation of the organization should be well developed so as to have a clear under standing between the organization and the customers and organizing the sales force to cover new products introduced in the market. Lastly, having a point of distribution from the producer to consumer well structured to ensure the products reach the targeted marketed at convenient time This can be done by either direct channel from wholesaler to retail outlets or indirect promoter where distributor agency with good reputations are contracted to supply the products to the retailers. This will ensure the products are always available in the market and customers demands are met without shortage in supply.Recommendation for improving the marketing plan for the futureMarketing planning process is one of the factors considered when drawing a line of work plan and contributes significantly to the success since without sales, no returns are accomplishable. Marketing plans needs to be determined with all stakeholders consulted and given a rule to providing their opinions so as to ensur e the process is all inclusive to distract making a decision without considering all factors. Professional with adequate know-how on marketing planning process can be employed so as to provide guidance and technical know-how.Marketing plans needs to be rewrite regularly depending on the marketing liberation to avoid lagging behind as new technology and innovations arises. Plan needs to be simple, specific, achievable and attainable. Products need to be of high quality and meet the desired standards by the targeted customers. Pricing of the products need to be specific to be each market segments so as the products can compete effectively in the market. advancement strategies selected should be one that will reach a larger market audience effectively and provide relevant information concerning the products.ReferencesBBC intelligence activity 24 (2006) M&S Set to Launch Fairtrade Range, Retrieved from http//news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4660410.stm, on May 15, 2007Brassington, F. an d Pettitt, S. (2000) Principles of Marketing, second Edn New York, Prentice Hall, HarlowFill, C. (2002) Marketing Communications, Contexts, strategies and applications New York, Prentice HallKotler, P. Armstrong, G. Saunders, J. and Wong, V. (1999) Principles of Marketing, 2nd Edn, New Jersey Prentice HallMcDonald, M. (2001) Marketing Plans How to prepare them, how to use the. 4th Edn London, Butterworth HeinenammMcDonald, M. 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