Friday, March 22, 2019

Love in To His Coy Mistress, Shall I Compare Thee, Let Me Not, and The

Love in To His coy sporting lady, Sh each(prenominal) I Comp be Thee, permit Me not, and The FleaThe quadruplet verses I am going to be comparing are, To His Coy Mistress,Shall I Compare Thee, Let Me Not, and The Flea. All quadruplet ofthese poems are based on the subject matter of love. The four poems crap a lot in common but each poem touches a varied aspect of love.Two of the poems, Shall I Compare Thee, and Let Me Not, aresonnets and both were written by Shakespeare. To His Coy Mistress iswritten by Andrew Marvell and The Flea was written by John Donne.All four of the poems have three parts to them each posing a differentargument. I will be analysing and comparing the four poems in the train of the poem, the nature of love, the effect of outside exploits on their love, the form of the poem and the techniques thepoets apply convincingly. The main purpose of To His Coy Mistress is to persuade Marvells mistress to consummate their relationship together, this is also thesame purpose of The Flea. The other purposes are to brag about howgood he is at writing this is leveln in his arrogant style of writing.It is for seduction, a satire of legal persuasive speech communication and the finalpurpose is a reminder of mortality, and they should seize the day. Italso says that the cleaning woman is very shy and that if they had all theworld but enough time so being shy is not a crime, this is shown inthe opening night lines, Had we but world enough, and time, This coyness,Lady, were no crime. Phrases such as, amorous birds of prey, andtear our pleasures show that they consummate their relationship.Times wingd chariot travel near, is a reminder that death willsoon percolate upon then and so there is more reason ... ...hat he is a fantasticwriter.All four of the poems are very persuasive and are written effectivelyby the poets techniques. Shall I Compare Thee and Let Me Not areboth romantic and flatter the lady Shakespeare is writing for. twainthe sonnet s make Shakespeares loved one seem extremely spare andShakespeare does it convincingly. To His Coy Mistress is humorous inplaces and maintains the politeness throughout the poem. To His CoyMistress is also very persuasive and Marvell convinces his beloved toconsummate their relationship. The Flea is effective because a fleais so insignificant but the way the poet describes it makes it seem soimportant. All of the poems are very similar and definitely have galore(postnominal)similarities between them, the main one is obviously love but they alltalk about death being the main outside influence on their love.

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