Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Lord of the FliesImagine yourself lost on an island with ternion other people you bargonly even know. In be eyes this is a scary feeling when all think some ever seening yourself in a situation like this. While unfortunely this dis pull happen not to us but to somebody else. In the defy Lord of the Flies by William Golding are numbers of boys who are below twelve years old stuck on an island after a plans crash. In the story there are four main characters name Ralph, rogue, Piggy, and Simon who are the oldest of the boys. On the island there are many conflicts. In the comening Ralph was the attracter and everyone had a job they were responsible and glide by up until they were rescue. Many of the boys counterbalance to lack off especially Jacks who was in charge of describeing. Ralph and Jack never saw eye to eye during the novel because Jack at the same wanted to be leader of his own tribe. also all the chaos within the convocation there are three major symbols that co nch shell, Piggys glasses and the fire that had everyones upkeep and also savage each other on the island.Conch shellAt the start of the novel Piggy and Ralph both discover this conch shell. The conch shell is the near powerful symbol on the island. The conch shell symbolized to bring the boys together to cover their meetings on the island. At the meetings who ever has the conch shell in there transfer they have the right to speak quote "We cant have everybody talking at once. Well have to have Hands up like at school."(page 33) With the to help the group hunt for food, build shelters, and find any empty areas were they can have a restroom at and to survive on the island. All boys had a jobs and they had to keep to up by Ralphs orders. From the start all boys respect the conch and colleague the rules of the island accept for Jack who believe at the beginning he should the sensitive leader and that Ralph was a weak leader. Later Jack begin to cut off Ralphs orders and at ever meeting Jack always liberation against Ralphs word and he eventually leaves the group. After Jack leaves the group Ralph slowly loses respect from another boys. Around this time Jack begin to start his own tribe, which made many of the boys seek away from Ralphs camp.

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