Monday, March 25, 2019

Economics of Marriage :: essays research papers

Economics of MarriageNowadays, marriage is labouredly a new subject of discussion and is found in ein truth tender society.Any marriage involves two individuals each of whom has their own experience of that marriage. Nowadays, the roles and expectations that the families hold up to fulfill are distributed withally among the members of the family. What this means is that mothers, who were identified in the former(prenominal) as household wives (since they were responsible with cleaning, cooking and raising children) are given with much rights such as the right to participate in a voting process or the right to get a job. As oppose to mothers, fathers have always been mainly responsible with working hard to donjon their families because in close of the situations, they were the main financial providers. As a result, they had to bring m iodiny to their families by any means even if that meant getting more than one job. This situation became much more problematic when children appeared in the families. As we all know, children had and will always take an extremely authorized role and raising them is a big responsibility for their parents. Having children and only one member of the family (for instance the father) working is a familiar situation for most families. In this case, the father has to be more realistic than ever that his family relies on his financial support. He has to make sure that his family has the necessary supplies to survive. If this situation is not being resolved due to various reasons such as the economize does not earn enough money or just hardly refuses to contribute financially, conflicts and issues may arise which often lead to family separations, and thus, poor life-time conditions and even death from malnutrition. This is exactly the situation that parents have to avoid. They have to be more responsible and realistic of their own actions, and take the decisions that are in the best interest of the family, the right decision s. These types of marriages are called emotional and financial support marriages.Another type of marriages that are very common nowadays and very numerous on a wide scale are the economic marriages.Economic marriages are essentially those kind of marriages in which money play a tremendous role in the lives of one or more couples. This is often a situation in which one or even both individuals involved in marriage have an unconditional impulse and hunger for money.

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