Sunday, February 17, 2019

Women in America Essays -- essays research papers fc

The Evolution of Women in fellowshipThroughout United States history oppression of people has always been prominent, whether by dint of African Americans and segregation or Asian Americans during the Vietnam War. What is often ignored is our history of the oppression of women. No upshot what time in history, there is always a case to be found of the discrimination over gender. Many people know of how African Americans came into freedom and the long perilous road it took, plainly few know the struggles, changes and hardships that women have perceived to get where they are today. As the civil war halted and industrialization and urbanization came into play, the role of women changed dramatically and their berth in the society in the aspects of employment, equal-rights, and in the home.Women entered the work force short and abruptly. With the advent of typewriters, clerical work, and assembly lines, women were looked for more and more to fill force back positions. Although the t ypewriter was not responsible for the employment of women as clerical workers its existence in all probability facilitated or eased the entrance of women into offices (Binder 68). Also expansions in industrial and retail sectors saw women employment in clerical jobs skyrocket. In 1920, the amount of women in clerical work was over 12 times that in 1880 (Norton 341). several(prenominal) women were getting supervising jobs but they posed no threat to manly managers (Norton 3...

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