Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Yellow Wallpaper -- essays research papers

Charlotte Perkins Gilman was born in Hartford,Connecticut on July 3, 1860. From the sidereal day of herbirth, she was a woman ahead of her time. In 1890,she wrote The Yellow Wallpaper a story about awoman who was oppressed by her conserve and herillness. This, Gilmans most famous work, was writtenfrom her own experience in life.In 1884, Charlotte Perkins married Charles WalterStetson and had one daughter. following(a) the birth ofher daughter, she was greatly depressed and took atherapeutic 3 month trip to California. Dr. Silas WeirMitchell was consulted in 1884 by Mr. Stetson totreat his wife for what was then called hysteria. Dr.Mitchells sermon involved complete isolation andthe removal of anything that might cause " kindstimulation," and so Charlotte spend her 3 monthsisolated in a means in a large country estate,estranged from her daughter and husband. Followingher divorce from her husband in 1894, CharlottePerkins Stetson became a committed favorable activistand feminist. Later, in 1900, she married her firstcousin, George Houghton Gilman. It is believed thatthis was a marriage of convenience, allowingCharlotte to concenter on her writings by not beingin a marriage that involved love and duty, but mutualrespect.Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote primarily of the crushing of women. She experienced as a childmany restrictions imposed by her mother,estrangement from her father because of her parentsdivorce at a young age, and the disappointm...

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