Wednesday, February 20, 2019


The adjudicate of this assignment Students who successfully complete this assignment will be adequate to(p) to present critical arguments around ICTs for development spues and demonstrate their capabilities related to spicy with textual and numerical data to present information in a entry format. Locate any project where ICTs were applied in contexts such(prenominal) as those described in this chapter, in your topical anesthetic community, own city, responsibility or hoidenish, or elsewhere in the world and/or that you substantiate been involved with. Ensure that you identify the following aspects in your case regard 1.Title of the project 2. Website address(es) that provide information about the project 3. Introduction & Background, including enlarge on the project o Rationale (what was the reason for the project/ wherefore was it needed? ) o Start date, duration (this far) and status (ongoing, completed, etc. ) 4. A description of the project, including details on o The I CT4D solutions that was used in the project o The strengths and weaknesses of the project 5. You could also add things like o major(ip) partners o Major stakeholders Who initiated the process? o Who were the target beneficiaries? o Who were the usefulness providers? o How did the initiative work? o Was there a local champion (some-one from the local community who represented the interests of that community)? Create a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 8 slides that provide the information as exact above. Submit your presentation via the Dropbox facility. Assessment rubric for Assignment 9 0 Nothing submitted 0% 1 One or more, but non all, of the required aspects bring in been addressed 10% 2 20% 3 30% 4 40% 5 All required aspects have been addressed 50% 6 Additional aspects added and/or 65% 7 A project from the students local community, own city, province or country and/or that the student was involved 8 with is presented

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