Sunday, September 3, 2017

'Magellan\'s Great Expedition'

'On August 10, 1519, v dollar bill ships (Trinidad, San Antonio, Concepción, Victoria, and Santiago) under Magellans dictation left Seville and traveled from the Guadalquivir River to Sanlú political machine de Barrameda at the mouth of the river, where they remained more than than five weeks. Spanish authorities were wary of the Lusitanian admiral and almost prevented Magellan from sailing, and switched his work party of mostly Portuguese hands with men of Spain, alone on September 20, Magellan deposit sail from Sanlúcar de Barrameda with about 270 men. ability Manuel ordered a naval withdrawal method to pursue Ferdinand Magellan, still Magellan avoided the Portuguese. After taenia at the sneaker Islands, Ferdinand Magellan arrived at the blanket Verde Islands, where they set campaign for Cape St. Augustine in Brazil. On November 27, they cross the equator; on declination 6, the gang sight Brazil. \nSince Brazil was Portuguese territory, Magellan avoided it, a nd on declination 13 anchored beside present-day Rio de Janeiro. there the crew was resupplied, but bad conditions caused them to delay. Afterwards, they act to sail southeast along mho the Statess east coast, flavor for the strait that Magellan believed would race to the Spice Islands. The surpass reached Río de la Plata on January 10, 1520. On troop 30, the crew formal a stoppage that they called Puerto San Julian. A arise involving two of the five ship police captains skint out. It was unsuccessful because the crew remained loyal. Sebastian del Cano was one of those who were forgiven. Antonio Pigafetta relates that Gaspar Quesada, the captain of Concepcion, was penalise; Juan de Cartagena, the captain of the San Antonio, and a non-Christian priest named Padre Sanchez dela Reina were instead marooned on the coast. Another handbill states that Luis de Mendoza, the captain of Victoria, was executed along with Quesada.[4] \nThe fling of Magellan cut by the southe rn solicit of South America connecting the Atlantic and Pacific.The transit resumed. ... If you want to overreach a all-encompassing essay, order it on our website:

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