Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Democracy in the Digital Age

Social Media has become the new-fangled platform for the expression of digital diplomacy and democracy. As the Internet, Facebook and peep become increasingly popular, handed-down word of honor bloods are bonnie less important. Information apprise be taken from several(prenominal) sources, including Blogs, message boards, online groups and school text messages to shape a few. Indeed, Blogs are prodigal be access a source for bringing action on the political front that tralatitious news sources could not do. Similarly, text messaging has become a new source for fundraising via peregrine devices. People are to a greater extent willing to give if the beseech is coming from someone they know.\nThe temblor in Haiti is an suit of texting medias curve on in the public eye(predicate) engagement. When news of the tragedy hit, millions of users donated currency toward possibility simpleness efforts through text-messaging endeavors. beguile text Yéle to 501501 to donate $ 5 to Yéle Haiti. Your money will help with relief efforts. They need our help. Sent from the cheep account of Haitian-born musician Wyclef Jean, the text message went out to the singers more or less 1.4 million followers and kicked dark what has quickly become the largest text-based fundraising campaign for disaster relief in history. [ character Ann10 l 1033 ]\nAn example of texting and Internet affecting democracy, In June 2009, the US State surgical incision contacted the social networking service peep and urged it to delay a plotted upgrade that would befuddle distinguish daytime service to Iranians. The prayer came in the midst of protests succeeding(a) the disputed Iranian elections, some(prenominal) of them coordinated via Twitter and Facebook in what was termed the Twitter Revolution. [ CITATION DrE10 l 1033 ] It is doubtful that conventional news media would have had the tinge that social media had in organizing the protests. So, with the coming to power of an a dministration that seems to have embraced concepts of soft power and public diplomacy, there are signs ...

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