Sunday, January 8, 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility

On the kickoff daylight of this course, Corporate Social business and Good Governance (CSRGOVE), we had a discussion of the necessary requirements that we should do and excel on to faint this course. It was during this time that we were introduced to a bump of the courses rank system which is the Service skill Project. Honestly, when I first hear ab proscribed it from our professor, I snarl so tedious about the idea of attending some other series of alliance suffice as I purpose to myself the overused phrase, Eto nanaman. I thought it would fitting be another familiarity service program exactly then it turned out that this is different from the others that we participated in in a way that our section must be for the utmostseeing term basis. It was challenging for us and I somehow snarl pressured if my assembly could do such(prenominal) a thing that would go a great tint to the community but I accepted this challenge and I actually became more elicit in this p roject than the other community service I participated in knowing that my efforts surely would not be emaciated because what we would do to the community could persist in the long run.\nWith this challenge, our group started to look for the partner composition that we would chose to work for. At first we had no idea on where to look since we were only effrontery a hundred meter radius starting from the University. The communities that we already know are far from the school. Thankfully, we found this primary and tributary school that accepts contributions from La Salle students. This school, St. Anthony de Padua, is withal adjacent to a parish church service which then widened our range of the things we could do. However, it became a challenging task to ascend out what this community call for and what could be done for a long term heart so because of this we asked for the help of the coordinator of community affairs. The group explained to the coordinator the purpose of our come across which is to help them with something concre...

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