Thursday, October 13, 2016

Short Story - Love

He thinks of the word be intimate the same manner I do, maybe thats wherefore I bang him. He always says: deal is to respect, prize and to appreciate. To savour is to sympathize with, to transmit an ear to, to offer a helping hand and to accept. To have a go at it is to cherish, rely on, support, encourage, protect, hug and kiss. To approve is to miss. Thats what he state when I asked him; why do you pick out me? Some dates we hit the sack ourselves for different reasons, and to find person who might experience us for the same, is r ar!\nHe got imminent to me and put his hand on my tattooed wrist and said: I dearmaking you because you want to permute the world. I have intercourse you because you are who you are because of you. I have sex you because you did non love me fast. I love that you foolt need me, you want me. I love that you never called me your other half, because I do not want to love a half, I love you because you are whole. I love the way you k now how to love. You dont live to love, you love to live, and that is only you.\nI love him! I love his feminism, I love his humanity. I love his dignity and determinism. I love his sense of humor and the way he loves me. I love his mind and the way he thinks. I love the books he reads, the newspaper he buys and the magazines he keeps. I love his positron emission tomography playlist on my scope and the way he scrolls round my homepage. I love his humility, his ataraxis and the fact that hes different. I love that it took us so much time to love each other. none of us believe in love from the low sight, first week, first month or even first year. I love him because he loves me and he loves me because he loves the way I love him and how his love to me makes me love him more.\nI do not believe in falling in love. You do not fall, it is a path you rent to walk and you are supposititious to enjoy walking. He nods his head, he agrees. He gives me his charming make a face (I am n ot the instance that bemuses charmed though, now I do, only from his smile)... If you want to get a full essay, dictate it on our website:

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