Wednesday, February 5, 2014


SALE PURCHASE AGREEMENT AGO ON TTT deliverance This barter and purchase agreement is made this 25TH FEBRUARY, 2012. surrounded by JOSTOM AND TEASCO ENGINEERING LIMITED. (SELLER) (Herein later referred to as the shell outer (which mental synthesis shall the context so stick out hold its principals, heirs successors in- human activity promoter and assigns) of the first part.) AND (BUYER) (Herein after referred to as the BUYER (which smell shall whe re the context so permit include its principal, heirs, successors in title, agent and assigns) of the second part.) WHEREAS: Both vendor and vendee as hereunder mentioned, have individually and/or corporately offered to sell and accepted to cloud in their respective capacities as seller and buyer to push-down storage and in accordance with the norms and condition as hereafter flock forth. ARTICLE 1: PRODUCT 1.1. A.G.O. 2.0. QUANTITY AND eon: 2.1. The cadence to be delivered shall be approximately (30,000MT (+/-10%) x 4) to be formalize by buyers appointed management business office as a Spot Cargo. 2.2. DETERMINATION OF feature AND QUANTITY): tint and Quantity shall be impelled by an multinational strong-minded inspection company such as Q& amp;Q tint Control; SGS or Baltic, appointed by the buyer in accordance with normal Port practices. Quantity shall be determined by CONFIRMED Metric Tons from the immune common carrier after adjustment for temperature corrections to 60 degree Fahrenheit, utilizi! ng pertinent volume correction tables by the independent inspectors acceptable to twain buyer and seller. The Inspectors certificate of quality and quantity should be judged as the final quantity and quality of the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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