Monday, February 3, 2014

Future of Police Technology

The technological tools that will upbeat police in the approaching consist of things such as the Global Justice XML selective information flummox and technologically pass on weapons such as the Taser. Indeed, these advancements be mentioned as future tools, yet these things ar already in use by many police departments, or argon in developmental stages at the current time. Regardless, the continued scene and advancement can only stand to improve their take in to police in the future. The Global Justice XML Data poser allows criminal jurist agencies to maintain their information in a standardized language providing for increased opportunities for data sharing in a consistent format with partners across the criminal referee field. While the idea of this system is great, it has encountered some shortcomings in its development. Information-sharing initiatives ar generally complex, which greatly increases the risk of failure. One problems is that many agencies do not have personnel with the required skills to facilitate data integration and information-sharing projects. This requires them to hire outside consultants, expending a unscathed amount of financial resources that police do not oftentimes have. The Taser has become quite a well-k nown tool associated with advanced law enforcement. It is a battery operated electro-muscular device that fires two miscellanea prongs, which are attached to a wire that delivers approximately 26 watts of electricity at more than 50,000 volts. It causes substantial muscular annoy and typically results in the immobilization of the suspect. More than 8,000 police agencies now have purchased Tasers for departmental use. Speaking from more personal experience, I think they Taser is an excellent tool for officers in the field to have, and it affords them labor options for controlling and neutralizing situations, rather than having to resort to deadly force as was common in the past. I carried a Taser as a Ma rion County Deputy, and I cannot count the n! umber of times...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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