Saturday, January 25, 2014

Unit 5 3.3 Reports in to Serious Failures to Protect from Abuse

unit 5 3.3   give out serious failures to treasure from offense     an example of this is   prick Connelly he was born to Tracey Connelly on 1 March 2006. In November, Connellys new boyfriend, Steven Barker, moved in with her. In December, a GP noticed bruises on amazefuckers calculate and chest. His become was arrested and Peter was put into the care of a family friend, barely returned place to his mothers care in January 2007. Over the next few months, Peter was admitted to hospital on two occasions harm from injuries including bruising, scratches and hunk on the side of the head. Connelly was arrested again in whitethorn 2007. In June 2007, a social worker observed mark on Peter and certified the police. A medical mental test reason out that the bruising was due to abuse. On 4 June, the baby was place with a friend for safeguarding. Over a month later, on 25 July, Haringey Councils Children & Young Peoples Service obtained heavy advice which indicated that t he threshold for initiating distribute Proceedings...was not met. On 1 appalling 2007, Baby Peter was seen at St. Anns Hospital in atomic number 7 London by locum paediatrician Dr. Sabah Al-Zayyat. Serious injuries, including a upturned corroborate and broken ribs, very likely went unobserved (the autopsy report believed these to have pre-dated Al-Zayyats examination). A day later, Connelly was informed that she would not be prosecuted. The next day, an ambulance was called and Peter was found in his cot, blue and clad only in a nappy. aft(prenominal) attempts at resuscitation, he was taken to North Middlesex hospital with his mother but was sound out dead at 12:20 pm. A post-mortem revealed he had swallowed a in both caseth after being punched. Other injuries included a broken back, broken ribs, mutilated fingertips and fingernails missing. The police immediately began a come to investigation and Baby Ps mother was arrested. So too were Barker, his buddy Jason Owen and his 15-year-old girlfriend, who ha! d fled to and were hiding in a campsite in...If you requirement to let a full essay, order it on our website:

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