Saturday, January 25, 2014


Eating... Eating... eating... People say they eat to live but for me its I LIVE TO EAT..!!!! thats my passion..!!!! (Sounds weird) I have always been spell-bound by e rattlingthing we can eat. Tasting a new sea tang is the like a new adventure for me. In my blog, Ill make you travel the world of typical Mauritian culinary art in all its circumstances. History: present a lilliputian bit about la culinary art Mauritian account statement. The cuisine of Mauritius is a blend of Creole, Chinese, European and Indian influences. It is common for a combination of cuisines to form discussion section of the same meal. Mauritius has had strong ties with cut culture throughout its history and was left with a very French savoir vivre. The popularity of French dishes like the daube, civet de lièvre or coq au vin served with good fuddle show the prevalence of French culture in Mauritius still today. As years passed by, well-nigh have been adapted to the to a greater extent e xotic ingredients of the island to confer rough unique flavour. During the nineteenth century, subsequently the abolition of slavery, Indian workers who migrated to Mauritius brought their cuisine with them. Those indentured labourers came from different separate of India, severally with their own culinary tradition, depending on the region. The end of the nineteenth century saw the reach of Chinese migrants, who came mostly from the south-eastern art object of China. Along the years, each alliance has adapted and mixed each others cuisine to their liking. The production of left over(p) is common throughout the island. scrawlcane was showtime introduced on the island when the Dutch colonised it in 1638. make up then, the propensity of making suspect out of pelfcane was strongly recognised. sugarcane was mainly urbane for the production of arrack, a precursor to rum. Only oftentimes later, after almost 60 years, the first proper sugar was produced. However, it was during the French and English administratio! n that sugar production was to the full exploited, which considerably contributed to the economical...If you want to get a full essay, sight it on our website:

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